Nathan Fillion was surprised by James Gunn’s vision of the Green Lantern version

nathan fillion linterna verde superman

At the heart of the prequels, a mystery among the crowd reveals Nathan Fillion’s enthusiasm for his role as Green Lantern in Superman.

Amidst the whirlwind of celebrations following the debut of Suicide Squad, amidst the chaos and music, Nathan Fillion took a moment to reveal the next challenge in the DC Cinematic Universe. There, amid a sea of ​​familiar faces, James Gunn, with his familiar look and voice barely audible over the music, broke the news to Fillion, “You’re going to be Guy Gardner.” This announcement not only surprised Fillion, but also marked the beginning of a new era as the iconic Green Lantern.

Guy Gardner, known for his complex personality and penchant for imperfection, seems like a role made for Fillion, who has explored similar characters in his extensive work in science fiction and beyond. Fillion, with his ability to inject humanity and depth into all kinds of roles, sees in Gardner a real-life mirror: flawed, but deeply human and therefore fascinating.

Nathan Fillion Lindner and Verde Superman

The Magic of the Gun: Turning Comics into Families

James Gunn has a unique way of seeing and adapting the comic book universe. For Fillion, Gunn’s approach is revolutionary. He remembers collecting comedies, turning the shelves in his room, often looking to connect with stories that felt far away. However, with films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn has been able to transform the experience of Fillion and many others by injecting a level of sensitivity and relevance beyond the screen.

“It’s about family,” Fillion says, reflecting the emotional core of Gunn’s films. “It’s a lot about family.” Intertwining with universal themes like love, loss and belonging, and adventure, Gunn’s vision reinvented what it means to adapt a comic book in modern cinema. For Fillion, this is not only refreshing, but also very satisfying.

Nathan Fillion Lindner and Verde Superman

Freedom in imperfection

The role of the Green Lantern promises to be more than just another character in Fillion’s repertoire, but an opportunity to explore the depths and many sides of humanity. “People have flaws, we all have doubts and weaknesses,” Fillion explains. Gardner, with his 90% imperfection and carelessness about it, provides fertile ground for this kind of acting exploration.

This imperfect relationship not only makes the characters accessible to the audience but also enriches the narrative, allowing for a deeper and more empathetic connection with the character. “There’s real freedom in interpreting that,” Fillion says. And again, who doesn’t see themselves reflected in another’s imperfection?

Nathan Fillion Lindner and Verde Superman

The hope of an eternal legacy

While tackling an iconic character as Green Lantern, Fillion doesn’t just accept the role. entered into inheritance. In the entertainment industry, where the public’s memory can be fleeting, such roles ensure continued presence. “The worst thing that can happen to someone in my position is to be forgotten,” says Fillion, who knows how to keep well-told stories and memorable characters relevant in the collective consciousness.

Nathan Fillion’s career is characterized by memorable characters and acting challenges. In his next role as Guy Gardner, Gunn promises to explore the imperfections, sensibilities and familial tone he created in his films. Like the stars in the sky at the beginning of Suicide Squad, Fillion’s future glows like a green lantern with possibilities and new emotional connections and compelling narratives.