My Hero Academia brings Deku back full circle with a tragic twist

Deku says second gearshift will hurt him.


My Hero Academia’s Deku character progression eliminated the initial problem of his body being damaged when using one for all, but the final chapter restored that dynamic with the second Gearshift ability. Knowing the consequences, Deku decides to use Gearshift again to end his battle with Tomura Shigaraki, highlighting his determination as a hero. The return of this flaw serves as a reminder of Deku’s limitations and what made him a compelling underdog in the original series.

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Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter #406

One of the original appeals of Deku’s character in My Hero Academia was how his body was initially unable to handle One For All’s power, causing Kirk to suffer severe damage every time he used it. However, the series soon began to erase this flaw by having him undergo extensive training and donning special gear to damage his character. However, the series revived this dynamic but with the second one-for-all ability Gearshift.

In chapter #406 of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia, Deku begins to strategize what actions he can take in his ongoing battle with Tomura Shigaraki. This includes Deku realizing that the next time he uses his second Gearshift, no matter how many times he uses it, it will immobilize Kirik the moment it expires.

Deku says second gearshift will hurt him.

As a result, the young hero, regardless of the damage, decides that he must use Gearshift again and stop the fight in the next attack.

Deku was a better character in My Hero Academia due to his quirk damage.

Deku-my-hero-academy-broken-finger (1)

This reminds everyone of how it affects Deku. Similarly to the Black and Dark anime, Deku had to do some sort of “transaction” every time he used One for All and thus limited his use to one part of his body to overcome his disability. For example, a four-all can be tapped from the index finger of the left hand, but that finger will break. Later, Deku undergoes extensive training and donates special equipment that allows him to summon at least a certain percentage of the One Four for All without inflicting any physical damage. It wasn’t long before Deku was able to use One For All 100% without these negative side effects.

Although it’s a clever way to document his growth, Deku’s inability to use One For All effectively without injuring himself shows his limitations as a hero and underscores how he wasn’t born with this power. There is something inherently attractive about a person who finds the opportunity to excel through effort, and the better if this fare and the possibility of undoing nature comes at a great price. It also helps that Deku isn’t too strong and too quick to stun, like most featured characters.

Deku and Shigaraki in my hero academy

All that flexibility seems to be gone by now. The irony is that this flaw comes back during Deku’s final battle to put everything in jeopardy. Deku’s limitations serve as a reminder of how great he once was, and fans can get one last look at what got everyone excited when My Hero Academia first launched.

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