Marvel Gold Review. The Incredible Hulk 3 – In the Shadow of the… Golem!

 Marvel Gold Review.  The Incredible Hulk 3 - In the Shadow of the… Golem!

The third volume of the Hulk’s Marvel Gold Line features many exciting moments from the character’s history by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe in a superb edition published by Panini Comics.

The platform of Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe, the main characters for the adventures of the Emerald Goliath, is collected in a new Marvel Gold line by Panini Comics, the third. This comes to us in the Marvel Gold title. The Incredible Hulk 3 – In the Shadow of the… Golem! And it revives the most ancient flavor of the character.

Easy times for the Hulk

Since Peter David took over the character, the Hulk has undergone many changes in his stance. He changes color, is a Las Vegas gangster, loses his powers, loses his alter ego, becomes a space gladiator, starts a war with his friends for revenge, and manifests a terrifying metaphysical fantasy. . What happened when your adventures were more earthly and simple?

The craziest thing about these issues is that thanks to Reed Richards’ science, the two personalities of our protagonists are able to co-exist simultaneously, skipping the dynamics of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and what they’ve come up with since then. Its genesis.

Beyond that, we always travel on more or less familiar ground. His relationship with General Ross and his daughter Betty Ross will have ups and downs, as we clash with the Leader, Swallow Man, Rhino, Kang the Conqueror, Hydra soldiers and the Sandman. They form teams: with famous heroes of the Marvel Universe and we introduce them to new characters, some of which will be of great importance to the character’s future.

The Incredible Hulk

Phantom Eagle

A young Gary Friedrich was responsible for replacing Stan Lee in the script for the regular Esmeralda Goliath series shortly after over a hundred issues (something we saw in the previous volume of this collection) and yet here we are. Going to see him work on one issue (his tenure as head writer of the series was surprisingly short) is the last comic in this volume to get the most attention.

It’s a story set in World War I, starring an aviator known as the Phantom Eagle, a character created long ago and out of copyright for this adventure. Alongside him in this adventure is Trimpe, the perfect character in this volume’s visual section, a great aviation enthusiast (perhaps that’s how he got his choice).

For many, the inclusion of this story in the adventures of Bruce Banner may be incomprehensible despite the time travel that brought the two together in the past, but for those who were lucky enough to know Trump in life, even in passing, it means a lot. Encouragement. The cartoonist has expressed his love for this character and his dream to one day wear this aviator-style outfit on several occasions.

Unfortunately, his death came too soon, but for this good memory, he is honored every year at the Metropoli Comic Con event in Guyon, for authors who have been invited to work for more than 25 years. He wears the Phantom Eagle costume designed by Bruno Redondo.

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Luxury authors

Continuing with the authors here, watching Roy Thomas is like watching Stan Lee 2.0. What makes the author La Casa de las Ideas so good, updated for a new time and a new readership (or new half a century ago, really) is the personality of the changed dynamics. And it’s to his credit that we get to see the most iconic incarnation of the character in his prime.

But perhaps the most surprising name we find here is Harlan Ellison. Writer specializing in science fiction short stories, winner of Hugo and Nebula Awards for, among other things, the famous Star Trek series Eternal City. And also, according to many people, James Cameron designed the story of the Terminator to end up cheating on the movie. Here he will be in charge of the script work (in fact, he will only create the plot) and the wonderful Sal Bassema will lead the picture, which will cross over with the Avengers series.

Thanks to this amazing team of writers, we have a volume that readers who love the character in his classic version will enjoy even more than Rick Jones in his lone supertype.

Published by Panini Comics in hardcover, the volume measures 17 x 26 cm and contains 536 color pages. And the US edition includes #122 to #144 of the regular series The Incredible Hulk, as well as Avengers issue #88 and Marvel Super-Heroes #16, as well as extensive extras. Room and various items. It has a recommended retail price of €56 and goes on sale in July 2023.

Hulk 3

Brilliant gold. The Incredible Hulk 3 – In the Shadow of the… Golem!

ISBN: 9788411506816

Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe, the man who set the Man with the Ripped Pants mission for nearly a hundred issues, bring back many classic episodes that will make you think green and have fun.

An important volume where the Hulk and The Thing finally set out to prove who is the strongest, Reed Richard frees the man inside the monster and walks Bruce Banner and Betty Ross to the altar, Hulk discovers the subatomic world and meets Jarella. We witness the arrival of Doc Samson, see the shadow of the Golem and more.

Authors: Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, Sal Buscema, Harlan Ellison and Herb Trimpe.