Marvel and DC have again opted for practical effects over CGI in the upcoming films

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Practical effects on Superman and Deadpool and CGI on Wolverine have been reimagined as the future of Marvel and DC films.

On the horizon of cinematography, a visual revolution is brewing, with the heroes of Marvel and DC poised to disrupt their productions in unexpected ways. After decades dominated by the magic of CGI, these giants are rediscovering the value of unparalleled action effects, realistic sets and authentic costumes, marking a return to the roots of spectacular cinema.

Marvel and DC bring the digital together with the physical.

Every shot of Deadpool and Wolverine and Superman’s ensemble exudes an air of authenticity. In a world where computer-generated effects have reached dizzying heights, these films promise to balance digital with pulp. Recent images from the set show Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman dressed head-to-toe as they perform combat moves in a winter landscape that looks like something out of a frozen fairy tale.

David Kornsweth, on the other hand, not only dons Superman in full costume, but also waves a real cape, which past productions digitize without a second thought. The decision to use practical effects is not just a stylistic choice, but a commitment to a more accurate and realistic representation of the heroes that many admire.

Subtle details like real cap weight and movement are almost impossible to replicate with CGI. Additionally, action effects require careful planning and don’t allow for last-minute changes, something CGI provides. This compromise between practical and digital not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the film, but also enhances the performance by allowing the actors to fully immerse themselves in their roles and enhance their ability to convey real and deep emotions.

deadpool and wolverine amazing and dc cgi practical effects

See the past and future of superhero cinema

Reflecting on the visual heritage of previous films, both early productions still impress with their inherent realism. The Green Goblin’s armor and Doctor Octopus’s tentacles look and feel convincing in Sam Raimi’s films, although compared to recent images, they are less accurate due to the overuse of CGI. This return to functional effects may be a turning point, reminding us that advanced technology is not always the best solution for every visual problem.

In their never-ending quest for cinematic perfection, both companies seem to be finding a happy medium that CGI technology complements but doesn’t dominate, and practical effects are celebrated as essential elements of future visual storytelling, not relics of the past. While movies like Avengers: Secret Wars may surpass the shows that came before it, there will always be a place for the authenticity that only practical effects can provide.

Superman fantastic and dc cgi practical effects

Best practical effects in cinema

Throughout the history of cinema, some films have stood out for their effective use of practical effects in creating worlds and characters. Blade Runner, for example, is celebrated for its stunning sets and special effects that build a futuristic vision of Los Angeles that continues to be a benchmark in cinematography. On the other hand, Jurassic Park revolutionized the use of animatronics to bring dinosaurs to life, while still providing a visual experience that appeals to modern audiences with its realistic realism. The practical effects of these productions not only add authenticity, but also enrich the viewer’s emotional connection to the film.