Magic: The Gathering, Ravnica Remastered, first specs and prices


With ‘The Lost Caves of Ixalan’ still under wraps since its release on November 17th, the first details of the next major expansion for Magic: The Gathering have already been revealed. This is ‘Ravnica Remastered’, a return to the plane of one of the most powerful cards ever preserved. The first details and the products set for pre-sale predict an edition that marks history.

The guests of this edition have not yet been announced, but some surprises have been hidden on their hands so that nothing about it will be revealed. The edition already contains enough quality cards to create anticipation, but in all recent editions guests such as Transformers or Jurassic Park are being included.

Future-proof, luxury editions for everyone, from Ravinika and its teams

‘Ravnica Remastered’ is just around the corner, and early details suggest that there will be collectible and collectible incentives for this edition. This is a version with a release date of January 12, 2024. Along with the King’s Hanger, it will be time to save money in an edition that brings back the coveted dual lands and cards, in competitive formats. A chance to repopulate the market with high-powered creatures, sorceries, and lands.

Wizards of the Coast for Magic: The Gathering in 2024 and 2025, Ravnica Remastered will be the first of many.

Magic: The Gathering released plans for 2024 and 2025 this year, leaving a panorama that only increases expectations for players. With MagicCon now available in Europe and adding to editions like ‘Ravnica Remastered’, Wizards of the Coast is meeting the expectations of fans of the card game with players around the world.

“Chickens” and double lands are back

Ravnica’s 10 teams are back. The return of the ten color combinations in the new edition and the return of Boros, Dimir, Rakdos etc. means the return of various arts such as ‘Birds of Paradise’, ‘Aurelia, Paragon of Justice’ or the coveted dual lands such as ‘Sacred Foundry’. Currently announced cards have increased the price of the products, which was expected considering the level of publication. There are less than two months left, which will reduce the forecasts.

The management of the cards will be one of the new features compared to the previous one, it will return to the classic format, in a modern format with several cards, without borders or even anime. Many cards have already been revealed in anime format, as happened with issues such as ‘The Savage Lands of Eldraine’. Card art from artists like Rob Alexander, but also from artists like Tetsu Kurosawa, brings inspiration to other collectors.

As for the announced products, we have experienced the lack of incentives set out in Wizards of the Coast’s new policy draft and issue, with incentives disappearing. Collector incentives will continue to exist and be important, especially for collectors and hunters of high value cards. A first look at these products has sparked reservations on the Magic: The Gathering profile on Amazon.

All information about the release will be updated on the official website of Wizards of the Coast. You can now pre-order here.