Lucasfilm is working on a new Star Wars animated series.


Will Lucasfilm return to clones or explore new horizons? The possibilities for the future of Star Wars are endless.

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A new series on the horizon

Lucasfilm is developing the next Star Wars animated series and is looking for a Production Shot Coordinator for the project. Star Wars Animation can explore the future of characters and moments in galactic history beyond Clone Force 99. Excitement surrounds the upcoming animated adventure, which will feature stories from the High Republic era or assets from the New Republic. A new job posting reveals that Lucasfilm is in development on the next Star Wars animated television series.

Since the famous Star Wars Christmas special, animation has been used to expand the franchise, following new characters or delving into key moments in galactic history. After three seasons exploring the fall of the Republic and the early days of the Empire through the eyes of the clones, The Bad Batch wrapped up its final animated series in May.

Now it looks like Lucasfilm has set its sights on producing the next full-length animated series. As noted on the Dini Careers list, Lucasfilm Animation is seeking a Shot Production Coordinator to assist with an upcoming animation series. Although they haven’t given any further hints as to what the series might be, the offer could be for a sequel full-length series as it highlights other long-running shows like Jedi/Empire.

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The future of animation

With The Bad Batch season 3, many threads for future Star Wars animation could be established and provide interesting concepts for another show. As The Bad Batch completes its Clone Force 99 mission, Captain Rex and Echo (both voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) are left to revive the clones rescued from Mount Tantis. The return of the recently resurrected and reformed bounty hunter Asajj Venters (Nica Futterman) is also discussed as a character that could end up being reviewed.

However, perhaps a return to the original Star Wars animated series is not in the cards, and the new series may focus on areas that are not well explored in the canon. With The Acolyte, a wider audience is introduced to the era of the High Republic, and the tales from that era of Jedi facing terrifying creatures like the Drengir and the Nameless will be perfect for animation. At the same time, Tales of the Empire revealed New Republic assets created for Morgan Elizabeth’s (Diane Lee Ensanto) third installment, meaning the series could use that production as a springboard for a new story.

A much anticipated announcement

Regardless of where and when the series is set, the next animated Star Wars adventure will be eagerly awaited. Not only has animation flourished and provided detailed and respected storytelling in its universe, it’s arguable that modern live-action television shows wouldn’t be nearly as successful without them. With Lucasfilm now sharing this list, fans may not have to wait long for an official announcement.

High Rep. Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm Animation, New Star Wars Animated Series, Star Wars The Bad Batch

All modern Star Wars animated series to date can be found on Disney+, along with other entries in the franchise.