José Delbo, a comic legend, leaves us at the age of 90.

José Delbo

A Life Between Vignettes by José Delbo From the Argentine West to DC and Marvel Super Heroes

In a fate that reminds us of the limitations of existence, José Delbo, whose name resonates strongly between the pages of Wonder Woman and Transformers comics, has left us at the wonderful age of 90. His journey accompanied by paint and paper has left a legacy that transcends generations and borders by moving from the fields of Argentina to the vast universe of DC and Marvel.

Comedy, Jose Delbo, Transformers, Wonder Woman

From an early age, Delbo showed an undeniable interest and talent for the art of sequencing. At the age of 16, he began to draw his professional work, a Western comic called “Pancho Negro”, which was published in his native Argentina. His first job took him from Argentina to Brazil in search of adventure and stability, and finally to the United States, where he escaped the country’s political turmoil. In America, Delbo immersed himself in the genre that gave him his first career, contributing his art to western stories for Charlton Comics, starring in “Billy the Kid.”

A legendary journey

Delbo’s talent didn’t go unnoticed, and his career soon took a new direction as a TV series adaptation for Dell Comics, featuring titles such as “The Big Valley,” “Hogan’s Heroes” and “The Brady Bunch.” But it wasn’t until the 1970s that Delbo joined DC, ushering in a personal golden age with the “Wonder Woman” series, where her art defined the age of Amazonian Diana Prince.

Over the years, his ability to portray the essence of each character has led to everything from “Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen” to popular series such as “Transformers” for Marvel, creating “The Brute” alongside Simon Furman. Force it. In addition to his work on “Thundercats” and “Captain Planet,” Delbo taught at The Kubert School before settling in Florida to mentor future generations.

Comedy, Jose Delbo, Transformers, Wonder WomanComedy, Jose Delbo, Transformers, Wonder Woman

Delbo’s indelible mark

Among Delbo’s work in the wider world of comics, his ability to capture the essence of iconic characters such as Wonder Woman and the artificial robots of Cybertron is a true testament to his art. He not only captures the strength and spirit of Diana Prince, but also brings complex science fiction narratives to life with a skill few artists possess. This duality in his work reflects not only his versatility, but his deep understanding of genres such as superheroes and science fiction, marking his era in each.

Furthermore, Delbo’s transition from traditional painting to digital art and NFTs shows a relentless search for new artistic expressions. By entering the digital world, it has not only remained relevant in an ever-changing industry, but has also inspired artists of all ages to explore new creative frontiers. His legacy, not limited to his contribution to traditional comics, also extends to pioneering digital art, proving that creativity knows no limits or age.

The legacy of the pioneers

In later years, Delbo explored new frontiers in digital art, delving into the world of NFTs and proving that innovation never ages. His foray into this new form of digital collectible art has not only expanded his audience, but also reaffirmed his visionary status in the world of comics.

Comedy, Jose Delbo, Transformers, Wonder WomanComedy, Jose Delbo, Transformers, Wonder Woman

Delbo’s rise is a reminder of the indelible mark an artist can leave on their field. His life, a creative odyssey that began in the pages of Argentine comics and expanded into the vast DC and Marvel cosmos, is a testament to passion, adaptability and ingenuity.