John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando expands on prequel humor.

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John Carpenter teamed up with Dark Horse to work on the Toxic Commando video game prequel.

In the heart of the comics and gaming world, news is looming to celebrate 2024: Dark Horse Comics announces the arrival of a three-issue limited series, serving as a prequel to John Carpenter’s long-awaited video game “Toxic Commando.” . This release is not only an addition to the game’s universe, but a window to a new world of adventures and dangers.

Journey to the origin of evil

Imagine a normal day turning into a nightmare: that’s what Obsidian CEO Leon Dorsey expects, “Rise of the Underworld.” Their quest for pure power mistakenly awakens an ancient, subtle evil. Mankind now faces a toxic future and depends on a private commando squad for survival.

“Building a new world is always fun, and doing it again in ‘Toxic Commando’ is fun,” said Saber Interactive’s Tim Wilts. The collaboration with Dark Horse allows this universe to be explored further, providing a taste of what is to come in the game.

“Toxic Commando” game promises to be an immersive and fun experience. Developed by Focus Entertainment and published by Saber, it is available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. In this cooperative first-person shooter, players battle the Sludge God, an eldritch abomination with the power to turn people into zombies.

Comic: Special Preview

For the first edition, Alberto J. Albuquerque Excitement for “Toxic Commando: Rise of the Dragon God” is high as the cover art has been revealed. This comic isn’t just an introduction to the game, it’s a piece of art that adds depth and context to the conflict with the Sludge God.

Toxic commando

The talent behind this project is: writer Michael Moresi, artist Alberto J. Each brings their own unique talents to bring this universe full of darkness and hope to life.

March 13, 2024 “Toxic Commando: Rise of the Jump God #1” hits comic book stores on March 13, 2024. This release isn’t just for comic and video game fans, it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of science. Fiction and horror come together to tell an unforgettable story.

Toxic commando

Carpenter scares beyond the big screen.

Known for his influence on horror and science fiction films, John Carpenter has expanded his art beyond the big screen. In the world of music, Carpenter has shown special brilliance especially by composing soundtracks for his films. This talent led him to release albums such as “Lost Themes” and “Lost Themes II”, featuring darkly emotional melodies and stirring melodies that echoed his cinematic works.

Carpenter has also dabbled in the field of video games, contributing his creative vision to titles such as “FEAR 3”. This entry demonstrated his unique ability to adapt storytelling and suspense to interactive media.

Another notable aspect is his foray into the world of comics, with which he has collaborated and produced several series. Works like the “Asylum” series and “Tales for Halloween Night” allow Carpenter to explore and expand on his favorite themes in a visually rich and narratively complex format. These non-film projects highlight Carpenter’s versatility and creativity, showing that his influence extends beyond the movie theater.