James Gunn gives details about the new DCU about the Green Lanterns

James Gunn

James Gunn lights the way for Green Lantern and Superman in the DCU.

Change always stirs the waters, and in the vast ocean of the DC Universe, the tide is reaching new heights. Fans are drowning in a sea of ​​expectations and speculation, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn recently revealed. Facing a barrage of questions, Gunn cleared the air about the Green Lantern’s future costume in upcoming DCU projects, particularly Superman: Legacy.

Green Lantern Legacy, Guy Gardner Nathan Fillion, James Gunn DCU, Superman: Legacy

A new dawn in the DCU

To talk about Green Lantern is to evoke the saga of colors and lights, a story woven into the canvas of comic times. When an inquisitive fan asked about Green Lantern’s tech-enabled legacy suit, Gunn confirmed that his deep understanding of the character did not require the use of CGI for the live-action version of Guy Gardner. This sentence, in addition to removing doubts, promises to give the hero a more grounded and realistic situation, clearly distinguishing himself from the previous interpretations.

Gunn’s approach to Green Lantern pays homage to the traditional content of the film, avoiding the controversies of the past. In the 2011 film Let’s Remember, Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, wore a CGI suit that received mixed reviews. Going back to the classic approach, Gunn wants to revive the character’s popularity, connecting him to his roots and giving fans something more authentic.

The green light of the DCU

After Nathan Fillion was confirmed to play Gardner in Legacy, Gunn developed a new narrative for the Emerald hero. Not only will Fillion play Green Lantern in Legacy, but he is also expected to reprise his role in the Lanterns series. This project is part of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, the first chapter of the renewed DCU, promising an era of deep and diverse exploration of these iconic characters.

Green Lantern Legacy, Guy Gardner Nathan Fillion, James Gunn DCU, Superman: LegacyGreen Lantern Legacy, Guy Gardner Nathan Fillion, James Gunn DCU, Superman: Legacy

But Green Lantern isn’t just talk on the air. The debate over whether or not Superman should wear his classic red trunks has been a major point of discussion. Gunn, always attentive to details, hinted at the possibility of returning Iron Man to his classic look. Starring David Cornswell as Clark Kane and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Legacy is shaping up to be a major production for the DCU.

A hero restored by the hand of the sheep

Guy Gardner, who has always stood out for his uniqueness in the Green Lantern universe, is gearing up for a new era under the direction of James Gunn. With a decades-long history in comics, Gardner is known for his defiant attitude and unconventional approach to heroism. This new adaptation promises to honor the essence of the character, while introducing fresh and contemporary elements. The casting of Nathan Fillion for the role is a reflection of this vision, combining charisma and depth to bring a more three-dimensional Gardner to life.

Additionally, the inclusion of Guy Gardner in the Legacy Project and the Lanterns series marks a significant change in the representation of DCU characters. Compared to previous versions of Green Lantern, Gunn’s direction suggests a more focused approach to character and their uniqueness rather than relying solely on visual effects and CGI technology. This approach could set a new standard in superhero storytelling, potentially changing the way the characters are perceived and interact with audiences.

Green Lantern Legacy, Guy Gardner Nathan Fillion, James Gunn DCU, Superman: LegacyGreen Lantern Legacy, Guy Gardner Nathan Fillion, James Gunn DCU, Superman: Legacy

A fusion of ancient and modern

Production on the Legacy will begin in the first quarter of 2024. Gunn, who returned to script the project following the end of the WGA strike, seems to be honoring their legacy, weaving a narrative that blends the classic with the modern. Taking characters to new horizons.

In conclusion, the DCU is at a turning point. With James Gunn at the helm, a future where tradition and innovation intertwine, giving fans an era of heroes that are more human, more real, and perhaps even stranger than ever.