Home Cinema James Gunn gives a hint on how to find the real actors of the new DC Universe

James Gunn gives a hint on how to find the real actors of the new DC Universe

James Gunn gives a hint on how to find the real actors of the new DC Universe

Amidst the rumors and leaks, James Gunn gives a hint on how to find the real cast of the new DC Universe without falling into the trap.

At the heart of the ever-changing DC Universe, James Gunn, Co-President of DC Studios, guides us through the art layer and the many rumours. With the release of “Superman: Legacy” as a starting point, Gunn’s big plans promise to shape the DCU, but how do you know if the speculation is more than a rumor?

Fans of this universe are on the edge of their seats, waiting for the era of “Superman: Legacy” to begin. But that’s not all. Gunn and his team put together a cinematic feast with titles like “The Authority,” “The Brave and the Bold,” “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,” “Swamp Thing” and more. On television, we are not far behind with projects such as “Creature Commandos”, “Waller”, “Lantern”, “Paradise Lost”, “Guardian Gold” and the second season of “Peacemaker”.

The secret to getting rumors out

James Gunn, in a recent statement on Threads, shared some key advice: “We never take unscripted roles. This means that unless a project has a confirmed scriptwriter, the rumor is likely to be false. Although there are exceptions such as “Swamp Thing” (with James Mangold), “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” (written by Ana Nogueira) and “Waller” (directed by Crystal Henry and Jeremy Carver). However, in most cases, rumors are heard. Just a rumor.

The fledgling cinematic universe has names of actors who have given life to famous characters like David Cornswett as Superman, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern and others. In addition, Xolo Maridueña as Blue Beetle, John Cena as the Peacemaker and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller jump into the new universe.

It will definitely be worth the wait.

“Superman: Legacy,” scheduled for July 11, 2025, marks the beginning of Gunn’s reboot of this universe. Fans have a long two-year wait filled with expectations and questions. Will Gunn’s vision succeed? Was it necessary to reboot the DCU or did Warner Bros. Did Discovery try to adapt the DCEU?

As we prepare for the arrival of “Superman: Legacy” and the release of the new DCU, fans are divided between excitement and uncertainty. Gunn, as the captain of this ship, is tasked with navigating the expected storms and rumored traps. Only time will tell if his vision to elevate the DCU to new heights succeeds or if he remains imprisoned in a superhero lab.

James Gunn's favorite movies

The excitement surrounding the new DCU under the direction of James Gunn intensifies with each confirmed release announcement, turning rumors into exciting facts. Among those confirmed is David Cornish, who appears as Superman in “Superman: Legacy”, a role that promises to revive the iconic character with new vision and energy. As Superman is a major presence in the historical DC Universe, his casting is significant, and Cornsweat’s performance is meant to set up the future of the DCU.

Nathan Fillion, known for his memorable characters, has been cast as Green Lantern, suggesting a fresh and perhaps lighter take on the character compared to previous films. The choice of Fillion is surprising, given his previous experience in the superhero genre and his ability to balance action with a touch of humor.

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Isabella Merced, who plays Hawkgirl, promises to bring a mix of strength and vulnerability to the character. Her youth and energy could give a new perspective to Hawkgirl, a character known for her strong determination and complicated history.

Eddie Gathegi, as Mr. Terror, and Anthony Carrigan, as Metamorpho, round out this list of rising stars. Gathegi, with his commanding presence and versatility, is the perfect choice for the talented Mr. Terrific. Carrigan, on the other hand, who is known for his ability to transform, is perfect for the role of Metamorpho, whose character’s changing nature requires a dynamic and blunt acting.

These casting confirmations highlight Gunn’s vision for a renewed and diverse DCU, the potential for new narratives and exciting portrayals of classic characters. These actors bring not only talent, but a new vision to their respective characters, ushering in a new era for the DCU.