Invulnerable: 10 Deadly Weaknesses of Viltrumites


Invulnerable and find incredible weaknesses that even Viltrumites can’t withstand

In the Invincible universe created by Robert Kirkman, one inescapable truth is revealed: even the feared Viltramites have weaknesses. Known for their brutality and power, these terrifying aliens hide weaknesses that can lead to defeat. Join me on an amazing journey to uncover these mysteries, from super hearing to susceptibility to certain viruses.

The kryptonite of hearing and passing time

Let’s start with your ear puzzle. Viltramites like Mark and Nolan have the ability to fly at incredible speeds with the sensitivity of their inner ears. However, this feature is the Achilles heel. In Invincible #111, Rex Robot exploits this weakness with a sonic boom that causes severe pain to Mark. This hearing vulnerability becomes even more serious with the dinosaurs, who in Invincible #100 gain a certain frequency that can paralyze them.

It is important to understand that not all Viltrumites are born invincible. The younger ones lack the vulnerability of their elders because they are vulnerable in their youth. This critical detail shows that even these space conquerors have exploitable vulnerabilities.

High temperature and internal exposure

Moving on to our list, we find the exposure to high temperatures. In “Invincible #140”, Mark exposed the Viltramites’ main weakness: their healing factor is severely weakened by intense heat such as the sun. This discovery opens up the possibility of using heat as an effective tool.

With their impenetrable skin, Viltrumites are completely vulnerable to internal attacks. Robot showed up in Invincible #108, eliminating Mark’s evil doppelgänger with a bomb planted inside. This weakness highlights that his vulnerability is only superficial.

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Styrovirus, plants and Rognerr

Viltrumites are not immune to diseases, especially the Scourge virus. This is designed to attack pathogens, especially their immune systems, and has highlighted their vulnerability to biological threats as an effective tool to overcome their robustness and resistance.

We can’t ignore the Rognarr and the Clacus plant. These creatures and entities have innate abilities to harm and even eliminate Viltramite, showing that in the Invincible universe, there are forces of nature capable of confronting these fearsome warriors.

Universal danger and love

The Viltrumite’s skin-piercing lethal weapon ratio presents another significant danger. Their advanced technology ensures that even the Viltrums have some weapons to fear from the cosmos.

Finally, we come to the Viltrumites human weakness: love. Omni-Man’s love for his son, who nearly took his life at the hands of Tragg in Invincible #138, shows how even these powerful beings are not immune to deep emotions.

Mark Grayson: Humanism with Viltrumite heritage

Mark Grayson, also known as Invincible, represents a unique case in the wider Invincible universe. The son of Nolan Grayson (Omni-Man) and a human, Mark inherits Viltrumt’s abilities and human values, making for a fascinating contrast. In the series, we see her inner struggle balancing these two worlds. His humanity gives him a different perspective on justice and power, which is especially different from other Viltrumites.

The emotional shock Mark experiences when he discovers the true purpose of his father and his species becomes a critical turning point in his development. This revelation inspires him not only to claim his inheritance, but to defend the Earth with renewed strength and determination. Mark symbolizes the struggle between nature and nurture, showing that our choices and experiences shape who we are beyond our genetic inheritance.

Viltrumite Weaknesses, Invincible Kirkman, Viltrumite Powers, Invincible Universe, Invincible Viltruite

The breaking of the mighty

Invincible presents us with a rich tapestry of characters and genres, highlighting a universal truth: no one is completely invincible. Through their weakness, the Viltrumites are revealed to be more complex and vulnerable creatures, providing a more complex and interesting narrative. This discovery not only enriches the plot, but also reminds us that the most amazing characters in any story, despite their powers, face limitations and challenges.