Innovative audio for games and multimedia revolution.

Creative Zen SXFI

The world of audio is undergoing a radical change thanks to innovations in audio that we bring to you today from Innovations.

SXFI 4th ​​Generation: Innovation redefines the soundscape

The fourth generation of SXFI technology and the revolutionary Mimi hearing test promise to take our hearing experience to a new level, especially in the field of video games.

Creator’s Super X-Fi (SXFI) technology isn’t new, but its fourth iteration features spatial audio before and after. Can you imagine immersing yourself in a three-dimensional audio universe with just headphones? Well, that’s what the SXFI 4th ​​generation offers.

This technology uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the shape of your ears and head to create a personalized sound profile. The result is an audio experience that mimics the feeling of being surrounded by loud speakers with incredible precision.

Super X-Fi Gen 4 uses a combination of innovative technologies:

Personalized Acoustic Mapping: The aforementioned scan of the user’s head and ears to create a unique and personalized acoustic profile. Real-time processing: A dedicated chip to apply the acoustic profile to the speaker in real-time. Authentic spatial recreation: audio reconstruction that aims to simulate the experience of listening to a loudspeaker system in an acoustically optimized room. Dynamic Enhancement: A series of adaptive algorithms constantly adjusts the volume based on the content, improving the experience for music, movies or games.

But how does this translate into the gaming world? Imagine being able to play your favorite shooter and locate your enemies with millimeter accuracy by the sound of their footsteps. Or immerse yourself in a virtual world where every sound effect comes to life, from the rustling of the wind around you to the loud roar of a dragon.

Zen Air SXFI and Zen Hybrid SXFI headphones: Sonic portals

Creative Zen SXFICreative Zen SXFI

Innovation has incorporated this cutting-edge technology into the new Zen Air SXFI and Zen Hybrid SXFI headphones. These devices are not simple audio players, but veritable gateways to unexplored audio dimensions.

With its lightweight and ergonomic design, the Zen Air SXFI model is perfect for marathon gaming sessions. The long-lasting battery guarantees that you will not be left without a sound during the critical moments of the game.

The Creative Zen Air SXFI is priced at €79.99 and can be pre-ordered now at

Creative Zen SXFICreative Zen SXFI

Meanwhile, the Zen Hybrid SXFI adds active noise cancellation to the equation. In this way, you can completely isolate yourself from the outside world and completely immerse yourself in your favorite virtual universe, without distractions.

Both models have high-quality neodymium drivers that ensure faithful and detailed sound reproduction.

The price of the Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI is 99.99 euros and is now available for reservation on

Mimi’s hearing test: Personalization taken to the extreme

But Innovation didn’t content itself with transforming spatial audio. With the Mimi Hearing Test, the company takes voice personalization a step further. This innovative technology performs a complete hearing test in minutes using your smartphone or tablet. From the results, create a unique audio experience that enhances the audio output of your creative devices.

Creative Zen SXFI

The result? A sound experience tailored to your hearing. Previously unnoticed details come to life, and sound clarity reaches unprecedented levels.

In the context of video games, a Mime’s hearing test can mean the difference between victory and defeat. You’ll see Sonic’s stealth tricks that you’ve missed before, from the moment he’s removed from the lock to the elusive spy drone.

Perfect combination: SXFI + MM hearing test

The combination of SXFI 4th ​​generation and Mimi’s hearing test creates a synergy that elevates the gaming experience to new heights. SXFI’s custom spatial audio is further enhanced by an auditory profile created by Mimi, resulting in a sound of unprecedented richness and precision.

This technology integration not only improves game immersion, but also provides real competitive advantages. In titles where audio plays an important role, such as battle royale or stealth games, having access to this technology can be the key to victory.

Beyond Play: A World of Possibilities

Although the application is focused on video games, the potential of these technologies goes much further. Movie lovers, music lovers and podcast lovers will find a new way to enjoy their favorite content in creative tools.

Creative Zen SXFI

Movies and series take on a new dimension with SXFI spatial audio. The music becomes an immersive experience as if you were in the middle of the concert hall. And narrative podcasts take you to the center of the story.

The Future of Audio: Where Are We Going?

Innovations give us a glimpse of where the future of audio is headed. Personalization and localization will, without a doubt, be the pillars on which the next audio revolution will be built.

The sound of spaceThe sound of space

Could we see headphones that adapt to our acoustic environment in the near future? Or devices that adjust audio based on our mood or attention level?

Either way, innovation is clearly at the forefront of this revolution. Its SXFI and MIMI hearing testing technologies not only improve our current audio experience, but also open the door to previously unimaginable possibilities.

We are at the dawn of a new era in the world of sound. And innovation, with its revolutionary technologies, emerges as one of its main architects. The future literally looks better than ever.