In the new Captain America comic series, a new mutant is away from the X-Men


Marvel introduced one of the most powerful mutants in the Captain America series, and his take on the X-Men could be controversial.

The newest figure on the horizon for the Marvel Universe doesn’t want company. Known simply as the Seer, this mutant with extraordinary precognitive abilities surpasses even legends such as Fate. However, his choice of isolation and neutrality spells bad times for Captain America.

Ser decided to form his own community to remain free and independent, away from humans and dynamic conflicts. This choice put her in the sights of many, including Steve Rogers, who realized that convincing her to join the “Agents of Change” would not be an easy task.

Powers beyond human understanding

During his mission in London, Captain America meets Ser, but she’s not the only one. Using her gift to predict the future and harness energy, she creates a safe haven for people like herself who want to avoid unwanted battles.

What makes Seer truly terrifying is its ability to see all possibilities and opportunities while simultaneously accessing every video camera in the world. This sense of access and perception allows her to see future events with precision, making her a living mystery with a million dollar price tag hanging over her head.

An unstable union

Despite Rogers’ efforts, Sir prefers his own autonomy to any concessions and rejects any alliance. She explains to the captain that the humans and other X gene carriers’ intentions to integrate her with them are futile. His power not only allows him to foresee the future, but also allows him to use mental electricity, which he uses to neutralize attackers when they encounter them.

As Captain America struggles to gain trust, her wide range of possibilities for the viewer to perceive and her ability to detect deception make her a valuable but equally dangerous ally. Her willingness to remain independent raises the question of how long she can stay without getting into a conflict.

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Images are faced with a common fate.

As one of the most powerful precognitive mutations to emerge in recent times, Ser represents both an opportunity and a threat to the established order. His determination to live his way without interference may be the key to his survival or failure in the Marvel Universe.

As the Marvel Universe continues to expand, characters like Ser are redefining the rules of the game, challenging old heroes like Captain America and established institutions like the X-Men. With each decision, the future becomes a little more uncertain, but one thing is certain: the viewer will not be joining either side anytime soon, choosing his own path in a world not yet ready to embrace his unprecedented power.

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The most important and powerful X-Men

In the wider Marvel Universe, mutants with special powers stand out not only for their abilities, but also for how they redefine the boundaries of what’s possible. Among them, Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix, has telepathic and telekinetic powers that reach divine levels when she transforms into Dark Phoenix. Another famous mutant is Magneto, whose ability to manipulate magnetic fields allows him to manipulate any metal, making him one of the X-Men’s most formidable opponents.

One of the first and perhaps most terrifying mutants, Apocalypse has the ability to change his physical form and gain almost any mutant power, making him an invincible foe. These characters are powerful not only because of their superhuman abilities, but also because of the depth of their stories, which explore corruption, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between good and evil against the backdrop of a world that fears and hates mutants. .