Home Comics Greg Capullo returns to Marvel after 30 years

Greg Capullo returns to Marvel after 30 years

Greg Capullo returns to Marvel after 30 years

Iconic comic book artist Greg Capullo embarks on a new adventure with Marvel and the Fantastic Four

After three decades, the legendary Greg Capullo has announced his triumphant return to Marvel Comics, sparking excitement in the comics world. On his Instagram account, Capullo confirmed his return, checking out his work-in-progress: a page highlighting his take on Fantastic Four. “I’m officially back at Marvel. I signed my contract today. Let’s go there!” Capullo hinted at the possibility of a published, Fantastic Four-centric project.

A wonderful past and a promising future

Marvel already hinted at Capullo’s return by showing covers featuring Deadpool and Wolverine. They surprised retailers with the free alternate cover of Wolverine #37 by Capullo that aired earlier this year. At San Diego Comic Con, Marvel revealed alternate artwork for this Wolverine and Deadpool: Seven Deadly Sins cover, hinting that Capullo’s contributions to Marvel may extend beyond the covers, to include Marvel’s First Family.

Capullo began his career at Marvel in the ’90s after catching the publisher’s attention with his small-press horror comic Gore Shriek. During his early career at Marvel, he worked on titles such as Quasar and the What If…?, What If… issue. Featuring the Fantastic Four. Additionally, he contributed to X-Force by participating in the popular X-Men crossovers X-Cutioner’s Song and Fatal Attractions.

Owner of wool and paint

Greg Capullo’s impact on the world of comedy has transcended his own career; It has influenced generations of artists and readers. His style, punctuated by dynamic strokes and deep details, expressed the beauty of many iconic characters. Capullo has a knack for injecting new life and depth into established characters, so we look forward to seeing how he revitalizes the Fantastic Four. Their performance not only adds substance to the characters, but also visual complexity that enriches the narrative.

Capullo’s return to Marvel is a notable event because of its historical context. With comics becoming more popular than ever in film and television, the presence of a veteran like Capullo promises a fresh and exciting approach. His ability to combine the classic with the modern is what makes his work unique and eagerly awaited by classic fans and new readers alike. His contribution to Marvel is not only a visual treat, but also a reminder of the importance and impact of art in comics.

Fantastic Four, Greg Capullo, Marvel Comics, The Thing, Wolverine #37

Cocoon beyond Marvel

After his tenure at Marvel, Capullo joined Image Comics as one of the series’ most popular artists, collaborating with Todd McFarlane on Spawn. He then launched his own series, The Creek. In the year He joined DC in 2011, collaborating with Scott Snyder to relaunch Batman in the New 52, ​​cementing his status as one of the defining artists of the 2010s.

According to Capullo, Marvel has been interested in bringing him back for a long time. “Marvel is forever approaching me,” he explained on Mark Millar’s Time podcast. He explained that although he is not interested in long-form films, he is open to short projects and covers. He plans to work on some covers while he’s currently developing Creek and a project with Marvel, possibly following an original idea with Scott Snyder.

Between creativity and inheritance

Capullo’s return to Marvel not only marks a new chapter in his career, but also promises to enrich the Marvel Universe with his unique art style. His past experience, coupled with his recent successes, suggests that future projects under his direction will be innovative and nostalgic, a unique blend of the classic and the contemporary for fans.

Fantastic Four, Greg Capullo, Marvel Comics, The Thing, Wolverine #37

The announcement of Greg Capullo’s return to Marvel is not only exciting news for fans of his work, but also a major milestone in the comics industry. With a career spanning decades and an undeniable talent, Capullo’s influence on the art of comedy is undeniable. His return to Marvel is not only a personal victory, but a gift to fans and the world of comics as a whole.