Friday the 13th: Ken Hodder, one of the faces of Jason Voorhees, plays another horror icon.

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Find out how Hodder, who played Jason in the final episodes of “Friday the 13th,” also briefly became another horror icon.

Ken Hodder is not just a name in the world of horror movies; It is a legend. Best known for his role as Jason Voorhees in the “Friday the 13th” franchise, Hodder left an indelible mark on the genre. But did you know he technically played another iconic horror villain? Yes, we are talking about Freddy Krueger.

One actor, two memorable villains

Hodder made his debut as Jason in “Friday the 13th Episode VII: The New Blood” and since then his performance has become very memorable and authentic. Not only did he bring Jason’s imposing physical presence to the screen, but he also added elements unique to the character: heavy breathing, turning his head before stalking his victims, and the intense rage that defines the villain.

But what’s most surprising is his connection to another horror movie monster: Freddy Krueger. Although Robert Englud is the actor most associated with Kruger, in the episode “Jason Goes to Hell”, Hodder added the role of Freddy, a role that went largely unnoticed.

The surprise in “Jason Goes to Hell”.

The ninth episode is known for being the most controversial title in the saga, mainly due to Jason’s limited appearance. However, this movie gives us a unique moment: after Jason’s defeat, a split hand – Freddy Krueger’s character – appears and pulls Jason’s mask off to Hell. This gesture was not only a wink to the fans but also promised a great confrontation between both the characters.

Ironically, those hands are Hodder’s, as he himself confirmed. So, even though he didn’t play Jason in “Freddy and Jason,” Hodder can be proud of donning Freddy’s gloves for a moment, a major accomplishment for actors in the genre.

The legend continues

Hodder has starred in not only “Friday the 13th,” but other horror productions, including the stuntman “Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.” His acting skills and dedication to each character make him a unique figure in the world of horror films.

Friday the 13thFriday the 13th

Ken Hodder is more than the face behind the hockey mask; He is the creator of terror, leaving his mark on cinema’s most iconic villains. His portrayal of Jason Voorhees and his brief but significant stint as Freddy Krueger are testaments to his talent and versatility, earning him fame in the world of horror films.

The latest episodes of the “Friday the 13th” saga have adapted to new trends in horror cinema and changes in the expectations of modern viewers. One of the most notable changes is the greater depth in the narrative and character development, moving away from the simple and straightforward approach of the first films. This includes further exploration of Jason Voorhees’ background and psyche, providing a more complex look at this iconic villain.

Corey Feldman - Friday the 13th

Another important change is the improvement of special and visual effects, using technological advances to create more impressive and realistic scenes. This translates into more sophisticated and visually stunning kills while maintaining the gory element that is the franchise’s hallmark.

Additionally, the latest installments have tried to reinvent the structure of their stories, introducing surprises and plot twists to keep the saga fresh. Although some pure fans prefer the classic style, these creations attract a new generation of viewers, confirming the validity of “Friday the 13th” in popular culture.

In short, the latest “Friday the 13th” films have strived to balance loyalty to their roots and adapt to new times and keep Jason Voorhees’ legacy alive in cinematic horror.