Exoborne, Sharkmob’s big surprise at TGA

Exoborne game

At the Game Awards (TGA) gala, publisher Infinite and developer Sharkmob unveiled the studio’s promising new debut title, Exoborne, the video game. Developed for PC and consoles, this open-world tactical extraction shooter puts you right in a world torn apart by apocalyptic forces of nature. A game where we were able to see the first steps with the developers and showed us a new and risky bet, a breath of fresh air for games of this profile.

The shooter Exoborne puts you in a world to explore.

Humanity is facing an unprecedented global collapse. After the failure of the last great hope, Project Rebirth, our world has become a hostile place. You will explore an area in the southeastern United States that has been brutally damaged by the forces of nature. Exoborn invites players to write their own story by participating in public events, facing constant threats and completing dangerous missions. Adventurers may encounter surprising encounters in the middle of the storm.

Exoborne is a new tactical extraction shooter, set in an open world in the United States plunged into the apocalypse, transformed by the most extreme forces of nature. The game invites the players to write their own stories by entering each world and while participating in public events, they will face the constant threats of the world and complete dangerous missions. In the middle of the storm, they encounter an epic firefight.

We can throw our opponents into the heart of a storm or make a mountain of stone fall. But it will be the wish of all the players to see the opponents fly by storm.

Players take on the role of Reborn, equipped with implants that allow them to use powerful Exo-Rigs. Armed with this amazing technology, you can thrive in a world filled with warring factions, deadly forces of nature, and other rebirths. Using the power of their Exo-Rigs, players can harness the power of the apocalypse by channeling their energy into combat and movement while resisting the relentless forces of nature.

Sharkmob’s big bet is to win

With great risks come great rewards, and never is this more evident than when players venture into the heart of the storm to find the best technology possible, but can they bring it back home? Crafting new items and equipment from the tech sectors players find around the world allows them to face unexpected challenges. Meanwhile, the risks are constantly increasing and the fear of losing everything is always present. Exoborne offers a variety of difficulty levels, as well as challenging and rewarding endgame content.

Exoborne, Shooter, Game Awards

Your skills in crafting and upgrading items, tools, and equipment will be critical to winning and advancing in the game. The quest to survive in the ever-changing post-apocalyptic world becomes another requirement. Natural events can be used in our favor or against us, which gives the necessary random point to make the game more attractive.

What does Exoborne have that other shooters don’t?

The biggest question when launching a shooter on the market is, what does it give me that other shooters don’t? The fact is that the idea is very new, innovative and has unique features.

The forces of nature operate in primary chaos in a world of ever-changing conditions. Exo-Rigs allow you to unlock powerful abilities that not only allow vertical movement, but if chosen wisely allow the player to benefit from the forces of nature. It allows.

Exoborne, Shooter, Game Awards

Public events and quests increase risks and opportunities, allowing players to choose their own challenges The extraction mechanic strengthens the excitement and reaches a climax at the end of the game: risk it all or wait for better luck, the choice is yours An exciting and dynamic story for future content updates and new world secrets It sets the stage for premium gaming with regular real-time updates.

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