Echoes: Trailer, release date and new details on Marvel Studios’ adult debut

 Echoes: Trailer, release date and new details on Marvel Studios' adult debut |  His house

Marvel has released the first trailer for Echo, which shows us the darker tone the series will have.

The first trailer for the Echo has finally been revealed, as well as the release date. Additionally, those responsible for the series have revealed new details of the Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

Echo is Marvel Studios’ first adult production.

The first trailer for the Echo comes with a slew of news, including a release date and rating. The Marvel Studios program will debut with all episodes on January 10, 2024, making it the first UCM project to not release a chapter every week. A never-before-seen Marvel series is also rumored to be coming to the US on Hulu and Disney+.

The most interesting thing about the product will be the first UCM project with a TV-MA classification, that is, it can be viewed only by adults. In fact, that dark tone is reminiscent of Netflix’s Marvel, with its violence and gore that has delighted many fans.

What can we expect from Echo?

Medium attended an event attended by those responsible for the series, where director and executive producer Sidney Freeland suggested that Echo is a villain and doesn’t have the same authority that she has in the comics.

“Coming from Hawkeye, you have to remember that she’s a villain. She’s a villain. And as far as tone, we wanted to lean into that. I think talking to the executives about our approach to building a visual style, it was like, ‘Oh yeah, lean in there, lean in there.’

“The power in comics is to mimic anything, any movement, anything. “It’s a bit silly, I’d say that’s not his strength on the show.”

Executive producer Brad Winderbaum said of the project’s dark tone: “It’s our first TV-MA show, so it’s a little bold for Marvel.” And again I think it shows the scope of what Marvel can do. If you know the comics and know the story, it feels very visceral, but it’s kind of a new direction for the brand. Especially on Disney+. It will be released simultaneously on Disney+ and Hulu for several reasons. We really want to show that these people are on our show. They bleed, they die, they are killed and there are real world consequences.

All Echo episodes will premiere on January 10 on Disney+.