Dungeons and Dragons, more alive than ever

PLANESCAPE Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is more alive than ever. The new products they are launching will give it more life and variety if possible. Next we talk about Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse and the Book of Many Things.

Dungeons and Dragons, role-playing game par excellence, remains the ultimate reference in role-playing board games and beyond. In recent years, Wizards of the Coast hasn’t abandoned the cute boy and has devoted himself to feeding the world’s shelves with new adventure books. But not content with the endless world of universes available to masters and adventurers, real gems have been plucked from their sleeves in recent times.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse, a six-book gem for gamers of all levels

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse is the latest D&D release. On the market starting October 17th, this is a collection of books designed for both new and veteran players. Six beautifully crafted books for anyone looking to fully immerse themselves in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. It contains 6 books, three for the Dungeon Master and 3 for the Adventurers, two game hide-and-seek panels, huge maps and a beautiful receipt inside.

Artistically, this is another example of the Wizards of the Coast’s love of detail. Packed with high quality illustrations and detailed charts of characters, creatures, locations and equipment. This is the perfect set to start a long-term campaign, as the story is set in a world between planes with dimension portals that lead adventurers to all kinds of worlds.

At a playable level, they are all the books necessary to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion. All the worlds are explained, as well as their characteristics. The introductions correspond perfectly with the characteristics of each world’s monsters, creatures, and characters. They are evolving worlds, that is, the characters can access them, but, like a video game, you have to have a minimum level to face the challenges that each one presents. Going crazy in standalone games has never been a good idea.

Without a doubt, Dungeons and Dragons is more alive than ever and these two products prove it.

A book of many things, or how to play with chaos

When we talk about a Chaos Deck, we’re talking about an artifact deck that can cause the most chaos in a D&D campaign or adventure. And what do beach witches do? Let chaos play. In the Book of Many Things, players and dungeon lords have the ability to wield one of the most powerful artifacts in the constellation sky. But not by rolling the dice or imagining the cards in the deck. Physically, literally and figuratively.

The Book of Many Things The Dungeons Master, Player’s Guide, and Monster Guide Fifth Edition is a new product looking for Dungeons & Dragons books. This is a new adventure in two books that includes two decks from the Many Things Deck. Each of the decks comes with a reference book that explains the cards, how to combine them and their effects. One more incentive that can be played with or without ongoing campaigns.

It is a visual delight. The cards are the size of Tarot cards, and the images are amazing, they take up almost the entire card. Each deck comes in its own chest with instructions for use, and each deck is accompanied by an adventure book. They are thick cards with gold edges and relief. When you play them, you can feel the energy emanating from your hands. After all, the creators told us that they can be used by any kind of character, from the most skilled wizard to the weakest bard, with interesting effects on the games.

This product will go on sale next November 14th and can be reserved now at the following link: Digital Pre-Order of Many Things Book – Source Books – Marketplace – D&D Beyond (dndbeyond.com).

Without a doubt, Dungeons and Dragons is more alive than ever and these two products prove it. Their quality does not decrease, but only increases in originality and game options, allowing each game to be different from the previous one. Roll the dice, fate is in luck. Or not.