Home Series Doctor Who: The Departure of the Daleks paves the way for the 14th Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Departure of the Daleks paves the way for the 14th Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Departure of the Daleks paves the way for the 14th Doctor.

Doctor Who embarks on a new pre-60th anniversary adventure

The mysterious rebirth of the 13th Doctor, played again by David Tennant, into the miraculous 14th Doctor marks the beginning of “Doctor Who: Release of the Daleks.” This work, more than a simple comic, is a canonical prequel to the long-awaited television introduction of the 14th Doctor. Set after “The Doctor’s Power”, the comic takes us to the pinnacle of English football: the 1966 World Cup, where the Daleks unexpectedly step in and turn a historic victory into a chaotic invasion.

The secret of the new face

The story unfolds in the pages of Doctor Who magazine, opening in October 2022, as the Doctor faces a personal and cosmic dilemma. The central mystery is, why did the Doctor return to his normal face? This storyline is skillfully interwoven with the main plot, giving fans a rich narrative of mystery and unanswered questions.

The plot, although its continuity is strong, lacks emotional and character depth. Although Alan Barnes and Lee Sullivan have created a worthy career with their respective writing and art talents, the comic feels like a prelude to the series’ 60th anniversary. The artistry in accurately portraying the character of the tenant fails to fully convey the dynamic and sometimes frenetic personality of the Doctor.

Bridge to television

With special episodes that can be streamed on the BBC and Disney+, Releasing the Daleks acts as a bridge. It prepares us for The Star Beast and other special events, although reading it is not essential to understanding the events that unfold on screen. This work is, in essence, a passing story designed to keep fans engaged and waiting.

14th Doctor, 60th Anniversary, Doctor Who, Freedom of the Daleks

The comic is available now in the UK and will be released in the US on November 28th. For die-hard Doctor Who fans, this comic is just another installment in the wider universe, offering a new but not-so-original vision of the Anniversary Road.

Longing to return

David Tennant, the familiar face of the 14th Doctor, continues to deliver memorable scenes in the Doctor Who universe. His return is a reflection of the cyclical and always surprising nature of the series, not just for fans. By comparing the previous performance to the new one, fans will be hoping to see the same intensity and depth of the debut.

Liberator of the Daleks continues to connect the origins of television stories with the comic medium, connecting fans from different platforms. This multifaceted approach not only celebrates the history of “Doctor Who,” but also invites a new generation to explore the origin and evolution of the original character. Doctor Who’s cultural impact, spanning generations and formats, demonstrates its enduring importance in the world of entertainment.

Exploring the temporal dimension

In the Daleks storyline, the 14th Doctor takes fans on an exciting journey with his familiar face. This Doctor, played once again by David Tennant, represents a fusion of nostalgia and novelty. By comparing the previous performance with this new era, there comes the prospect of a significant evolution in the character, which gives the iconic character something new.

14th Doctor, 60th Anniversary, Doctor Who, Freedom of the Daleks

The origin of the comic, which serves as a bridge between the end of one era and the beginning of another, is crucial in the “Doctor Who” universe. It represents a creative exercise that unites the narratives of television and comics, creating a rich and varied tapestry. The Doctor’s versatility and adaptability underpins his importance to popular culture in a variety of media, maintaining his relevance in an ever-changing world.

Freedom of the Daleks , though it serves as an ongoing story, leaves room for something else: the depth and emotional impact of the series over the years. In short, it’s a practical but not necessary prelude to the 14th Doctor’s television debut.