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Doctor Who Comes to Magic Universe: The Gathering

Doctor Who Comes to Magic Universe: The Gathering

Two massive universes merge to bring you a gaming experience you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams.

Wait, the curves are coming! Magic: The Gathering for an out-of-this-world adventure and the Doctor… or this time. Come to think of it, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, MTG has decided to release four awesome Commanders!

Not all doctors and planeswalkers, villains want their piece. If you have a warped whip, the Master of Evil deck allows you to summon the Doctor’s archenemies. Come on, you can disrupt your opponent’s strategies with Dalek Invasion. Are you more into gothic? Well, Weeping Angels is now available on the Hidden Lair website.

But what would have happened without the doctor’s companions? The decks feature cards that reflect the unique mechanics of the series’ seasons. These cards are designed to fit perfectly into the Commander format with an emphasis on the social and fun aspects of the game.

Doctor Who Magic: The Gathering

Doctor Who: New Letters, New Horizons

Each Commander deck is loaded with cards from a mix of Legacy, Vintage, and Commander formats. These cards are carefully designed in the Commander format, emphasizing the fun and social interaction this format encourages. Each of the decks will assign the Doctors according to their place in the series’ timeline, creating a unique experience for fans.

A Blast from the Past: The first eight Doctors come together in this fun deck, allowing you to relive iconic moments from the series. Timey-Wimey: The Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors meet here, giving you the chance to explore the most interesting parts of their time travel. Paradox Force: The Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors are united by a burst of temporal energy. This deck immerses you in the intrigue and wonder of their adventurers.

Doctor Who Magic: The GatheringDoctor Who Magic: The Gathering

Villains never rest.

We can’t forget the villains. Masters of Evil The Masters of Evil platform lets you take on the Doctor’s mantle and take on his arch-enemies throughout the 60 years of the series. Are you ready to take on the Daleks and the Weeping Angels?

Along with each Doctor you will find their most popular companions. These companions can be paired with any number of doctors, providing a more personalized gaming experience. Card mechanics reflect the different seasons of the series, immersing you in each of the Doctor’s fan-favorite episodes.

The Doctors have traveled to countless places on their adventures, and now, you can too. Each commander includes blueprint cards representing the deck’s famous Doctor Who locations. These cards allow you to travel through time and space as you wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Special versions of the TARDIS

For those looking for an extra touch of style from the ship, special versions of the TARDIS are available in collector’s incentives. These cards put a unique spin on your commander decks by adding a unique touch with stunning artwork.

Dedicated fans will have the opportunity to collect numbered cards from the Doctor in Collector’s Incentives. These special editions are marked with their own serial number, and only 500 of each exist. Don’t miss your chance to own a truly unique piece!

The Daleks and the Weeping Angels invade the mysterious Spookydrop. The Dalek land cards place them in the five mana lands, adding an eerie mechanical touch. On the other hand, the Five Weeping Angels Secret Lair cards bring surprise and danger to any deck.

All of these cards, from Commander Decks to Collector Boosters to Secret Lair Drops, were created with a deep love for the Doctor Who story. Designers, writers, and artists have come together to capture the essence of the Doctor Who universe in a fun way for both Doctor Who fans and Magic: The Gathering players.

Get ready for the trip

The Wonderful World of Magic: The Collection – will be available for purchase at retailers including Amazon, your local game store and other Magic retailers. If you want to learn more about this exciting collaboration, we invite you to visit DailyMTG.

This crossover is the result of a titanic effort that brought together designers, writers and artists. It’s a true labor of love that captures the essence of both Doctor Who and Magic: The Gathering. So now you know, prepare your deck, adjust your TARDIS and let’s play! 🤓