Do you hate Captain Marvel? get ready! Brie Larson talks about her character’s future.

Brie Larson - Capitana Marvel - The Marvels

After the failure of The Marvels, many expected Captain Marvel to leave the MCU, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In addition to clarifying that we will see Captain Marvel again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Brie Larson also offered some details about the Marvels.

The future of Captain Marvel

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Larson talked about The Marvels, the most recent MCU movie. However, the interesting part of the discussion has nothing to do with the latest film released by Marvel Studios, but rather the future of Carol Danvers. The actress said that her character will be back and she knows in which project.

“I don’t want Marvel to come after me. But there is something. There’s definitely something I’d like to say to answer your question, but I won’t. I still think there’s a lot in Carol. I feel like being on this team has opened her up in a way that I didn’t, and I really like that for her. I like that she lets her shoulders sag a little and doesn’t feel like all the responsibility falls on her. So I think we still have a long way to go.

Last minute mistakes will change

What Larson said about Captain Marvel is troubling to many (it’s pretty much everything he’s already said), but the truth is that it’s not a good idea to forcefully get rid of anything that doesn’t work. The best thing they can do is write a good arc for Captain Marvel, and not get rid of her completely.

The above can also apply to Kang as many fans feel that Kang has not done a good job and want to dump the current MCU villain to be replaced by Doctor Doom. Now, doing that could ruin the entire saga and the concepts of projects like Loki, not to mention that a character like Doom could be wasted by introducing him in a rushed way. Additionally, Marvel still has the option to change actors if Jonathan Majors is found guilty.

We have a few examples of not being good at the last minute. The first is the DCEU, everything seemed to be going well with the premiere of Man of Steel, but after the critical criticism of Batman v Superman, the studio decided to make various changes and get rid of Zack Snyder. The result was that gradually this entire universe lost its meaning and the people became uninterested.

Another issue is the Star Wars universe, specifically the final trilogy of the saga. As we know, Episode VIII received a lot of criticism from fans, but the people involved in this world, instead of improving upon what was established, abandoned what they had to offer and took the path of nostalgia. The result is that Episode IX is the worst of many of the final trilogy.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Coming back to Captain Marvel, there is a good chance that this character will return in the next Avengers movies. Let’s hope he gets the treatment he deserves.