Demon Wars Review (Deluxe Edition)

Demon Wars Review (Deluxe Edition)

The Demon Wars Deluxe Edition brought to us by Panini Comics is something any lover of Peach Momoko’s art should enjoy.

There are many reasons to find a comic you’re unfamiliar with and check it out at your regular store. It may be because it’s the author’s new work that has earned your trust, perhaps you’re a die-hard fan of the main character or group, or the cover may grab your attention, though in this case the purchase is always subject to confirmation when you look inside. Panini Comics recently published a deluxe edition of the latest works of the fantastic author Peach Momoko, which will no doubt be a hit with many people. It is titled Demon War.

Demon Wars, Marvel, Panini Comics, Peach Momoko

The Yokai Marvel Universe continues

Those who did not enjoy Demon Days, the previous installment of Peach Momoko’s works that took the Marvel Universe into Japanese mythology, can stop reading, because in this volume, in a good sense, we will face more of the same. In that volume we were immersed in a magical environment to accompany Mariko Yashida’s version, until then we had only known Wolverine as a love interest.

With her, we entered the reality created by Momoko, from the idea house, especially the mutant characters, who were able to adapt to the full version of Yokais to work in an unknown way, especially thanks to the art of this author at the time.

So, based on linked one-shots, Momoko begins to tell a story in which she transports the mutants (and some Avengers) to a Japan full of supernatural creatures and magic, especially during the Chris Claremont years. Given its success, it’s time to continue the series by developing the story, bringing in new characters and complicating the plot.

Demon Wars, Marvel, Panini Comics, Peach MomokoDemon Wars, Marvel, Panini Comics, Peach Momoko

Which side are you from?

It is not necessary to have an encyclopedic knowledge of what has happened in Marvel Comics in recent decades to appreciate the important event of the publisher reflected in this volume. You only need to see the cover: two sides, one led by a samurai in red armor and the other led by a warrior in a blue mask. Yes, we’re going to have some civil war going on here, and Mariko has to decide which side she’s on.

The Marvelous Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange or Spiderman will be new additions to this magical universe, and they will have to fight for a place in the future. As with the previous volume, the references here are pretty easy to spot, but they fit right in with Eastern mythology, which has very little to do with the world of heroes. The combination of concepts is truly amazing and successful.

Demon Wars, Marvel, Panini Comics, Peach MomokoDemon Wars, Marvel, Panini Comics, Peach Momoko

Magic in pencil

In this volume, some truths about Mariko’s nature will be revealed to us in a way that will be triggers for everything else, but although the plot of the whole is well established and compact, in the end it is inevitable to classify it as too simple, which can be a little unsatisfying.

However, the comic works primarily as a story that requires such work, where the author puts all her resources into giving the reader a series of flawless pages where they can see the styles that blend the effects. Japanese art and something more avant-garde and dynamic, so that its visual character can be described as Western manga.

To truly appreciate Momoko’s art, there is nothing better than a deluxe edition like the one chosen on this occasion. It is a pleasure to turn the pages of this volume, which is of a quality appropriate to the style of the work. Complete success.

Published in hardcover by Panini Comics, it contains 168 color pages measuring 20.5 x 31 cm. And the US edition includes translations of Demon Wars: Iron Samurai, Shield of Justice, In Flames and Scarlet Sin, in addition to all the covers of the included issues, an introduction written by Lydia Castillo and a gallery of alternate covers. It has a recommended retail price of €40 and goes on sale in February 2024.

Demon warsDemon wars

Demon Wars (Deluxe Edition)

Peach Momoko takes her version of the Marvel Universe to the next level!

Welcome to another dimension full of amazing creatures: intelligent samurai armor, a winged man with a falcon mask, a mysterious panther and a red snake-like monster with a deadly appetite.

As these incredible yokai battle, Mariko Yashida is forced to choose a side.

Author: Peach Momoko