Deadpool and Wolverine are at the top of the eagerly awaited list this summer.

deadpool y lobezno

Fandango reveals the most anticipated movies of 2024 and Deadpool and Wolverine are leading the pack so far

With the movie thermometer on the rise, this summer will be a viewing party with Deadpool and Wolverine leading the way for the most anticipated films, according to the latest Fandango survey. But what makes these titles stand out among those released? Dive into the vibrant analysis and discover not only the titles that will have fans on the edge of their seats, but the trends that are redefining cinema as we know it.

Cinematic heartbeat: Deadpool and Wolverine at the helm

The screens are gearing up to welcome a star-studded lineup this summer and Fandango has its finger on the pulse of moviegoers with a preview of what awaits a season full of action, laughs and family adventures. Deadpool and Wolverine, Bad Boys: Ride or Die and Despicable Me 4 stand out as the best of the season and promise to not only entertain but also provide experiences beyond just watching a movie.

deadpool and wolverine

The expectations are clear. The emotional connection that fans make to these characters and franchises is a testament to the enduring power of cinema to bring us together in a dark room and share common emotions. Fandango, in its annual survey, reminds us that beyond the plot and the acting, what we need is an experience that heightens our emotions and transports us to worlds that only cinema can create.

The interesting thing about Fandango’s research is not only which movies are most anticipated, but how and why we want to watch them. The trend toward premium formats and the very American culture of enjoying a good portion of popcorn while indulging ourselves in visuals is stronger than ever. 74% of respondents stated that premium formats such as IMAX or 4DX significantly enhance the moviegoing experience, and 96% admitted that candy is an important part of their cinema experience.

The third trailer for 'Despicable Me 3' Deadpool and WolverineThe third trailer for 'Despicable Me 3' Deadpool and Wolverine

The difference on the screen: the new standard of the people

The report also shows that demand for diverse content is growing. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé’s concert films are the tip of the iceberg. Moviegoers want to see everything from documentaries to live concerts to cinematic experiences that challenge traditional genres on the big screen. This is a golden opportunity for exhibitors to adapt to the changing tastes of the audience, offering a wide range of experiences beyond the traditional film.

Fandango Studios prepares us for an unprecedented cinematic summer, a mix of excitement, nostalgia and the promise of new immersive experiences. As fans count down the days to the release of Deadpool and Wolverine, the cinema proves itself as a favorite place to live the stories we laugh, cry and dream together. This year, more than ever, the cinema screen promises to take us on a journey where it is just the beginning.

Specialist Dead Pool and WolverineSpecialist Dead Pool and Wolverine

Other highly anticipated first steps

Among the attention-grabbing cinematographic gems is The Specialist, a proposition that promises to revolutionize movie theaters with its innovative work, a play that sparks curiosity and inspires hope. This title is shaping up to be a fun ride, mixing suspense with action in a way that can only be described as masterful.

On the other hand, Despicable Me 4 will return to delight audiences of all ages. Known for its unique humor, heart and adventure, the franchise promises to return stronger than ever. With a story that delivers fresh laughs and heartwarming characters, this sequel is set to be a must-see for families this summer. Together with Deadpool and Wolverine, these films form the golden trident of the era and promise to take the cinema to new horizons of entertainment and excitement.