Baylan Scholl: A rival to Star Wars’ most powerful Jedi?

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Exploring the Powers of Belan Skool: Does he surpass the Jedi Masters in skill and strength?

Beylan Skoal has attracted fans’ attention since his appearance in “Ahsoka” with his commanding presence and unique lightsaber combat. But how powerful is it compared to the most famous Jedi from Star Wars? A detailed analysis reveals surprising things.

This character is distinguished not only by an unusual ideology, but also by an unusual orange lamp. His confrontation with Ahsoka Tano in a saber duel raises the question: is he really stronger than her, or are there other factors at play?

Baylan Skoll and Star Wars Jedi

One of Star Wars’ most accomplished duelists, she finds herself in a crucial conflict with Bella. Although this suggests that Skool has special abilities, the result may be due to the novelty of the equipment rather than an actual difference in power.

Taking on a fighting form similar to Anakin Skywalker, Baylan modified his technique to adapt to a different saber. Despite his abilities, comparing him to legendary Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu or Anakin shows that he still has a long way to go in terms of pure skill.

It’s an interesting parallel to compare him to a fallen Jedi like Count Dooku, famous for his offensive style and unique lightsaber. Bella’s brute strength could rival the Duke’s refined technique, though history suggests that a Jedi of Anakin’s stature, using Form V, would have the advantage in a direct duel.

Aside from his skill with a lightsaber, not much has been revealed about Bailan’s powers. His participation in the Clone Wars as a Jedi General and Thrawn’s knowledge of him suggest that he has a hidden but as yet unexplained potential.

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After the passing of Ray Stevenson, the character’s future in the second installment of “Ahsoka” is uncertain. This might affect how Bella’s strength is portrayed in the Star Wars universe, leaving fans to speculate about her true abilities.

Baylan Skoll, Order 66 and Mortis

Beilan Skool, as a survivor of Order 66, has an as-yet-unrevealed backstory, adding to the mystery surrounding the figure. Unlike the characters in Star Wars, he doesn’t align himself with the Jedi, the Sith, or any group of Force users. This freedom represents a different path, the desire to be “more” than a simple Jedi. A unique orange-colored and never-before-seen lightsaber in the franchise sets it apart. Like the greatswords of the Middle Ages, his saber is heavy and powerful, something Beylan shows in his hilts.

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Throughout her career, Ahsoka has faced many formidable foes, including Asajj Venters, General Grievous, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader. However, Baylan was the first to “kill” her, which raises questions about his true strength compared to her. Despite his physical prowess and combat prowess, Balan did not demonstrate significant military prowess, leaving his position among the most powerful users of airborne power.

His obsession with the Mortis gods and the Mortis government may indicate an as yet unknown control over the force. As the second season of “Ahsoka” may shed more light on this enigmatic warrior, fans are eager to know the true extent of her powers and how she stacks up against the most powerful Jedi masters in the Star Wars saga.