Home Comics Batman as you’ve never seen him: ECC Ediciones has released the final collection

Batman as you’ve never seen him: ECC Ediciones has released the final collection

Batman as you’ve never seen him: ECC Ediciones has released the final collection

Immerse yourself in the golden age of the Dark Knight with the essential collection ‘The Shadow of Batman’

In the year In 1977, a new vision of The Dark Knight emerged from the minds of Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers, changing the perception of Batman forever. His interpretation, now known as “The Perfect Batman”, resurrects forgotten villains and brings back stories before and after. But what makes this level special? And most importantly, how can you practice it yourself?

Resurrection is not condemned

The answer is with “The Shadow of Batman,” an unpublished collection that ECC and Spaceman Project are bringing to fans. This project goes beyond saving the works of Englehart and Rogers and covers the evolution of the character up to 1983. This era of Batman is characterized by a return to his darkest and most complex roots, exploring Bruce Wayne’s struggle to balance his life. Instead of him.

The Joker, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze and The Riddler, among others, returned with more complex and challenging plots, leaving behind the lighter tone of the 70s. Screenwriters Len Wein, Marv Wolfman and Gerry Conway, along with artists like Don Newton and Gene Colan, have taken these stories to new levels of depth and emotion.

An unforgettable legacy

This period saw the birth of iconic characters such as Jason Todd, the second Robin, and Killer Croc. The stories range from the pasts of supporting characters like Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox to plots that have influenced decades of Batman storytelling.

“Shadow of Batman” is presented in three cardboard volumes, the covers of which will be revealed in the crowdfunding campaign. Each volume is a journey through different issues of “Detective Comics” and “Batman,” from Alan Brainert and Dick Giordano’s celebrated “To Kill a Legend.”

The collection also includes “Batman: Dark Detective” in 2005, where Englewood and Rogers reunited to continue their story after the release of “Batman Begins”. This work offers a fresh and contemporary look at the relationship between Batman and Silver St. Cloud, as well as his relationship with the Joker and his other enemies.

Batman, ECC Comics, Shadow of Batman

More than collection, experience

“Batman’s Shadow” is scheduled to ship on July 29, 2024, with monthly updates on the project. Backers can earn tons of money through this link, and those who participate will receive a special edition that will later be available for bookstores.

This collection is not just a collection of jokes; It’s a time capsule that takes you through one of Batman’s most influential eras. In its pages, you’ll discover how these years laid the groundwork for future generations of writers and artists, and how Batman stories continue to amaze fans.

“Shadow of Batman” is, without a doubt, a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of the famous hero and experience his evolution from a unique perspective. A must-have collection for fans of The Dark Knight and a testament to how legends build and live on over time.

Batman, ECC Comics, Shadow of Batman

Known for its commitment to comic lovers, ECC Ediciones has launched several crowdfunding projects that have caught the attention of fans. One of the most popular is the reprint of Frank Miller’s masterpiece “The Dark Knight Returns”, a project that promises a deluxe edition for the most demanding fans. This comic, which reinterprets the Batman legend, is presented in a special edition, with additional material and special features that can only be enjoyed by fundraising participants.

Another memorable project was the publication of “The Saga of Swamp Thing” by Alan Moore. This crowdfunding gave fans the opportunity to own a complete and rich collection of one of the genre’s most influential series. It included not only Moore’s comics, but also additional articles and interviews, giving readers a unique experience.

These ECC projects offered unique and special editions, but allowed fans to take an active part in producing these editions. With each crowdfunding campaign, ECC confirms its commitment to providing high-quality products and unique content, involving fans in the creative and editorial process.