Home Table Games Amazing success! Draco Ideas’ SCOPE trilogy by Gamefound | It broke expectations

Amazing success! Draco Ideas’ SCOPE trilogy by Gamefound | It broke expectations

Amazing success!  Draco Ideas’ SCOPE trilogy by Gamefound |  It broke expectations

Spanish publisher Draco Ideas is impressed with its new proposal, surpassing its minimum funding by 380%.

World War II has never been so exciting. Draco Ideas, the famous Spanish publisher known for bringing new ideas to the world of entertainment, has hit the nail on the head again with its latest bet on the SCOPE Trilogy.

Not only does it bring us to the epic battles and strategic tensions of this historic conflict, but it also manages to attract the attention and support of fans and enthusiasts on Gamefound’s support platform.

Draco Ideas: A publishing house that sets trends

Since its inception, Draco Ideas has stood out for its ability to deliver games that combine exciting themes, solid mechanics and attractive design. The SCOPE Trilogy is proof of that, giving players the chance to immerse themselves in three key episodes of World War II, with different mechanics and themes in each episode.

Launching the sponsorship campaign on Gamefound was a successful strategy. With just days to go, Trilogy has not only reached its funding goal, but surpassed it by an incredible 380%. It’s clear that the community has responded with enthusiasm, ensuring that this project comes to life and reaches hobbyists around the world.

Draco Ideas SCOPE Gamefound

Battlefield: Gamefound

Whether you’re a fan of board games and history, or simply looking for a new strategic adventure to enjoy with your friends, SCOPE Trilogy promises hours of fun. And with the massive support it’s received at Gamefound, it’s clear that Draco Ideas has another hit on its hands, one that’s never been seen before or since in battle board card games.

Fan event in Spain

Fan culture has become very popular in Spain, especially in the field of board games. Platforms like Gamefound have allowed creators and entrepreneurs like Draco Ideas to realize their visions and connect with a global audience.

Initiatives like these show the Spanish public’s growing interest in new entertainment ideas. The overwhelming response to SCOPE Trilogy is further proof that fandom and board games are enjoying their golden age in the Iberian country.

What does the future hold for Draco Ideas?

If one thing is clear from the success of the SCOPE Trilogy, Draco Ideas has set a precedent in the game market in Spain. For more fan interest, we’ll likely see more exciting giveaways from this publisher in the future. Spain’s leisure horizons are unquestionable.

Don’t be left behind. Take advantage of the last days of the support campaign and be a part of this exciting idea that will undoubtedly be remembered by combining history, strategy and fun in a trinity.