Am I sorry for Tatiana Maslany’s words? don’t worry! There is still a chance that She-Hulk will be revived.


A new report claims that Marvel has not ruled out making a second season of the She-Hulk series.

Following Tatiana Maslany’s statement regarding the possibility of seeing She-Hulk Season 2, a new report offers a slightly brighter picture of where the Marvel heroine finds herself.

A second season of She-Hulk is still possible

A few days ago, Maslany surprised Marvel fans by saying that he doesn’t think we’ll see She-Hulk season 2. The actress said that the main problem faced by the show was the high budget, so the renewal was up in the air. According to previous reports, the project cost around $225 million, most of which was used on the She-Hulk character’s CGI. However, the series may continue after all.

io9 recently shared new information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe program, with Disney reportedly not completely abandoning plans to revive the series.

“Maslany’s comments are basically correct, they just lack context. That context was all reassessed when CEO Bob Iger returned to Disney and changed much of Marvel’s direction. So while Marvel has revealed all, it’s not like She-Hulk’s second season has been completely abandoned. This time it seems less likely.

So if you’re one of those people celebrating the show’s cancellation, I think it’s best to get ahead of yourself and not wait to see what happens to the character.