A new era of Fantastic Four in comics reveals the special main issue #25

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To celebrate the milestone issue this September 25th, get ready for a never-before-seen space adventure with a stellar romantic touch in the Fantastic Four double issue.

Marvel’s most iconic superhero family, the Fantastic Four, is about to receive a major honor with the publication of its 25th issue, which promises to be bigger than ever. Under the penmanship of Ryan North and the visual talent of Carlos Gomez, this issue not only celebrates the team’s legacy of adventure and exploration, but puts them on the threshold of a new space odyssey that challenges their ingenuity and unity.

Reaching Latveria and beyond

Marvel Comics’ reboot of the Fantastic Four coincided with growing excitement over Marvel Studios’ debut. But, before they make it to the big screen, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm face challenges that take them beyond earthly borders. In issue 25, these heroes not only visit Latveria, home of their eternal rival Doctor Doom, but unexpected magic draws them to an alien world.

The plot thickens when the Human Torch, also known as Johnny Storm, becomes romantically involved with an alien, adding a layer of personal drama to an already tense intergalactic environment. However, this new love is only the tip of the iceberg, as the true heart of the mystery lies in the dark secret that this alien world is jealously guarding. A secret that could determine the survival of billions of creatures.

Star cast for the upcoming movie

Parallel to these exciting plots in the comics, Marvel Studios has announced the big screen reboot of Fantastic Four. Pedro Pascal will take on the role of Reed Richards as Mr. Fantastic, along with Vanessa Kirby as Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman. Rounding out the cast are Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm, the Stone Man.

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The promotional art has a retro touch to the film. It hints at the possibility of scenes set in the 1960s, a significant decade since the Fantastic Four’s debut and consolidation in the Marvel Universe.

Fantastic Four Issue #25, available September 4, features a main cover by Joshua Cassara and a variant cover by Greg Capullo, each capturing the essence and heroism of the team as they stand against the odds in space.

The return to origins and the promise of new explorations make this issue key for Marvel fans, not only a window into their interplanetary adventures, but also the inner conflicts and romances that make the Fantastic Four truly human and relatable. group.

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The best adventures of the Fantastic Four

Delving further into the wider universe of Fantastic Four stories, “The Trial of Galactus” emerges as a key piece, where the team must confront the ethical and moral implications of their actions on a cosmic scale. This arc isn’t just about scenes of war and horror, it also raises deep questions about justice and responsibility in the cosmos.

“Solve Everything” offers another fantastic look at the Fantastic Four, with Reed Richards trying to solve all the problems in the universe. This story is not only an intellectual adventure, but also an examination of personal limitations and the consequences of scientific obsession.

These stories are characterized by their ability to combine dramatic action with deep philosophical explorations, making the epic form a unique group in the comic landscape.