A cameo in Gen V shakes the foundations of the fourth chapter of The Boys

 A cameo in Gen V shakes the foundations of the fourth chapter of The Boys |  His house

Did you know that a key male character will appear in Gen V episode 7? Get ready, because the future of both series is about to get more crowded than ever.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed paths with the characters from your favorite series? Well, grab some popcorn, because Gen V has stepped up for the series crossover in ways you might not expect. If you’re hooked on this Godolkin University-based series about a school for heroes – or ‘supes’ as we call them around here – it’s good to know that Episode 7 will leave your jaw on the floor. .

But hey, Marie Moreau, who can control blood, isn’t the only one who discovers that the world of soup is more twisted than she thought. What’s really raising eyebrows is the secret conversation between Dean Shetty and Grace Mallory, a former CIA agent working with boys. And be careful, because this means Boyce may discover the deadly virus that’s been brewing in his spine.

Gene v

The secret behind the Gen V virus

We know that Grace Mallory was a key source of information for the human anti-hero team. So if she knows about the virus, then Billy Butcher and the gang know about the virus. Cooking in the Vought The Woods facility, this virus can kill any soup. Imagine the possibilities: We could be talking about Billy Butcher’s ultimate plan, a comedy fans will instantly recognize. If the boys catch this virus, season four could end with a bang.

A cryptic call after the meeting between Mallory and Shetty has us wondering. Could it be Billy Butcher on the other end of the phone? Of course, other members of The Boys might as well. But let’s not rule out Vout’s former CEO Stan Edgar or some super renegade from the company like Queen Maeve or Starlight. Come on, bets are open.


The role of the virus in the fourth period of men

Victoria Neumann, the main villain in the next season of Boys, has received the latest sample of the virus. And this can only mean that the virus will play a big role in what’s to come. Every character we meet in Gen V can be related to a character from the original series, which promises to be an exciting and explosive dynamic between the main characters of both series.

We can’t forget that in the comics, Billy the Butcher has an ultimate plan that involves using a biological weapon to kill the Supes. The fact that Mallory knows about the virus known in Gen V could set the stage for this brutal outcome. Will Billy Butcher be able to recreate the comic book arc if he gets the virus? It’s only the fourth season of Boys.

The boysThe boys

Boyce’s fourth season promises to be a real whirlwind. With Grace Mallory appearing in the Gen V spinoff, it’s been hinted that the Sup Virus will be key in the new episodes. Everyone from Billy Butcher to the most famous Supes wanted to get their hands on this biological weapon. And who is on the other end of the phone when Mallory makes that mysterious call? Whoever it is, the pieces are in motion for an explosive climax that could bring us closer to the comic finale. Prepare the popcorn!