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10 Best Card Board Games According to BoardGameGeek

10 Best Card Board Games According to BoardGameGeek

Dust off the coffee table because we’ve got the perfect list for you to find out which card game you can’t miss at your next geek night.

BoardGameGeek has bought it, folks. It’s like the Oracle of Delphi, but in a geek version, it explains to us with its predictions which are the best card board games that we should try, yes or yes.

And since we cannot ignore such a divine symbol at La Casa de EL, here we bring the final step. So prepare the dice, shuffle the cards and get comfortable, because this is going to be fun.

10 best card board games

Imagine leading a civilization through the ages. No, we’re not talking about the New Age of Empires DLC! It’s in the Ages: A New Civilization Story That Takes the Cake. This 2015 game is a masterpiece that will make you feel like a true historical leader as you develop strategies and tactics to make your empire flourish.

Closely following is 7 Wonders Duel, from 2015. This game takes you into a strategic battle of wits and skills against your opponent. Forget arguing as a couple over where to eat dinner; Herein lies the fate of civilization.

Best 7Wonders Dual Card Board Games

But hey, if birds are your thing and ornithology interests you, why not check out Wingspan? Released in 2019, this game invites you to become the best bird keeper in the world. Maybe it’s not the most common plot, but the mechanics and the design will capture you.

And if Lovecraft is more your thing, Arkham Horror LCG will give you a co-op experience full of monsters and mysteries. Released in 2016, here you will experience unimaginable horrors in the universe created by HP Lovecraft.

Everdale will delight fans of board building games. This 2018 title will immerse you in the amazing world of building your own city. With an aesthetic that seems straight out of a fairy tale, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

The best Everdale card board gamesThe best Everdale card board games

But if it’s adventure at sea you’re after, don’t miss Crew 2: Deep Sea Mission 2021. This game takes you to the bottom of the ocean in search of lost treasure. And if you’re left wanting more, The Crew also offers an amazing space ride.

For fans of the Marvel universe, Marvel Champions LCG is an unmissable adventure. In the year Published in 2019, you can impersonate your favorite superhero and fight the most iconic villains in comics.

The best Marvel Champions card board gamesThe best Marvel Champions card board games

If you prefer something more calm but equally challenging, 2018’s underwater cities invite you to build the next Atlantis. It’s a mix of strategy and construction that will keep you busy for hours.

Last but not least, we have Android: Netrunner from 2012. A cyberpunk classic that delves into a dystopian future.

BoardGameGeek, the temple of geeks

Running since 2000, this web portal is more than just a review site. It’s an emotional community where players from all over the world can discuss, rate, and even sell games. In addition to ratings, it offers forums, articles, and a complete database like “IMDb” for board games. Come on, that’s where every fan wants to lose.

So there you have it, the 10 grails of board card games according to the respected BoardGameGeek. Whether you’re a strategy veteran or a fun-seeking newbie, there’s something here for everyone. So make room on the shelf, these games can’t be missing from your collection.