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Zack Snyder’s supporters are taking aim at James Gunn’s new DCU on Twitter

Once again, Snyderzombies are messing it up after James Gunn revealed what the new DC Universe will look like. They demand to fire the filmmaker and Safran!

They were already late. Please, we have always defended freedom of expression, but never harassment and insults. And it seems that this is left over Cheating zombies. These Zack Snyder’s Acolytes who refuse any suggestion that does not come from their idol and mentor.

After revealing the initial plans for James Gunn in his first run of the new DCU,’Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters‘, Snyder’s fans have invaded Twitter to demand, like we’re in the 16th century, that they chop off his head!

Not happy with the turn the DCU has taken, Snyder fans have returned to the game. They are very disgusted with the current state of affairs in the DCU. They require immediate return to old DCEU.

James Gunn - Zack Snyder - DCU

Snyderzombies demand the firing of James Gunn

These are some of the examples of what Snyder fans think about the new DCU. It’s more than clear that they don’t give Gunn a single opportunity to convince them that he can entertain them.

Too much energy wasted on something that is not that important in life. Still, they better look ahead. There is no indication that Snyder can continue with his Snyderverse on the label DC Elseworlds. Something that they could ask for with all that respect and education. Will DC Studios have raised it?

Some claim they’ll be too old by the time a new ‘JLA’ comes out, and others are angry about losing their favorite actors. The vast majority agree on an absolute truth. For 10 years, time has been wasted on thousands of fronts. Gunn brings the long-awaited cohesion. You should give yourself some time. It’s only a movie after all.

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