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You’ve never seen an Xbox as beautiful as this one in your life

Take a look at the Starfield Series X Limited Edition that will make you consider joining the Xbox community

We know it’s difficult for a gamer who also doesn’t have a big budget to try or buy a special edition video game console, and the fact that the said console is from the high-end competition makes it more complicated. There are people with very strict tastes.

we all know the advantages of the Microsoft machine, such as its extraordinary power, as well as the eternal battle between both digital entertainment platforms. It is also known the speed and versatility of PlayStation 5but after seeing this wonder you want go to the competition

Starfield - Xbox

Xbox Series X Starfield Limited Edition is Fan Art

You want to switch to Microsoft’s gaming community. And you want it to come true. Because this incredible console does not exist. Yes, it doesn’t exist. It is a special creation of POP ART and it went viral by a well-known gamer, Empty sloths. It is based on the long-awaited Bethesda game that will hit the shelves at the end of the year. All said by the way, it is one of the most anticipated games.

The design is absolutely beautiful and precise, and the control is exceeded. But… Would it be possible? The artist responsible for this work has informed his fans that he has had an important meeting with the studio and that it is very exciting. We don’t know if it refers to another topic, but if it is for this beauty, we give it a round of applause.

Will this Xbox Series X Starfield Limited Edition ever be real? Who knows… the same!

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