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With the new cosmic season of Marvel Snap, players are starting to get tired of some things

Some comments are calling the new season of Marvel Snap frustrating. Marvel’s new card game stalls

After the calls100 days of austerity‘ which is normally given to the government on the day new legislation starts,’Marvel SnapIt seems that it has reached the end of the grace period, and ongoing complaints about some aspects of the video game that have been highlighted in the premiere of the new cosmic season are starting to appear.

Since yesterday the players have off marvel comics card game Now you can enjoy a new season, whose main theme is the cosmic universe of the House of Ideas, and which, as its most important addition, includes the new letter of Silver Surfer. The general perception among players is that the seasons are too short.

And therefore many of them cannot access all the rewards. It falls short. More considering the price of the season ticket. Which is not turkey booger. They cost 10 euros in Spain. A price that, for the time the said pass allows to play, falls short, as we have said before. And that’s how the players have shown it.

There is no deterioration of ‘Marvel Snap‘, since the mechanics, the speed of the games, despite the starting number of bots, which is a real problem, and the very theme of the video game makes it very attractive and entertaining. But there is a real problem in the assessment of the study and the pocket of the players. Content packs with different in-game currencies for almost 100 euros and season passes for a somewhat expensive price can prove to be devastating for the future of the game.

Another complaint is that the amount of free rewards in the new season pass has been reduced compared to previous passes. The most striking? There are no longer free map variants for non-paying players. If we add that this pass does not have the possibility of being bought with game coins, that within it there is no way to collect points to be able to have it the following month, as it e.g. Fortnite island Call of Dutythe result is that the players are tired.

For whoever writes to you who believes that ‘Marvel Snap‘ is a great game, even if I can’t play what I want to play, I’m starting to feel stuck. You need the ability to play against friends will be released as soon as possible and championships can be organized as we have planned in La Casa de EL. As for the season pass, to be honest, I haven’t bought it yet. I will wait. money doesn’t fall from the sky.

Marvel Snap

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We will continue to inform you.

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