Will Smith continues to seek forgiveness from viewers and gives you two months of Apple TV +

The incredible offer from Will Smith and Apple TV is for everyone, except Chris Rock

We have no forgiveness. We are already laughing at this news. But the truth is that it makes you smile, but not because of the macabre humor of our writing, but because of the offer it gives us Apple TV+ through the beloved, later denied and now forgiven Will Smith.

We will explain how you can sign up for this offer and enjoy the content on one of the most selected streaming platforms. Apple TV+ it keeps growing step by step as they have chosen quality over quantity. That this does not underestimate other competitors, but they mark themselves forward. Don’t expect great premieres every time on this platform, but we assure you that the content is high.

For whoever is writing to you, this is one of my TOP 3 streaming platforms. Despite also raising its subscription price, the company makes deals like this one where it allows new users to spend 2 or 2 months free to enjoy its content.

But overcharging services is not something exclusive to the apple brand, it is a marketing technique that all companies and platforms adopt.

Apple TV+ - Will Smith + Free +

Offer ends next time 14 of January: so if you will pardon Smith for the slap to Chris RockRemember the giveaway ends that day. Like they did before with Selena Gomez, this time Apple TV+ want to celebrate the premiere of ‘against freedom’the new proposal of the actor of ‘Men in black‘.

They must also meet a number of requirements to access the offer, in addition to forgiving Will. Exactly:

  • Not having enjoyed the service beforethe typical one
  • Sign up before the deadline: Another no-brainer.
  • Have an Apple ID: I eat? Easy. It is done free of charge on the same website Apple.

With these simple instructions you can enjoy this platform. What series and movies does it contain?

Let’s briefly review the series:

  • ‘Ted Lasso’
  • ‘Pachinko’
  • ‘The Morning Show’
  • ‘Locked up with the devil’
  • ‘Invasion’
  • ‘Foundation’
  • ‘See’
  • ‘Shantaram’
  • ‘Separation’
  • ‘Serving’
  • ‘Slow Horses’
  • for all mankind

Let’s take a quick look at the movies:

  • CODA: The sound of silence
  • Luck
  • Raymond and Ray
  • against freedom
  • Tetris
  • Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me
  • I’ll take care of the beer
  • Cherry
  • Finch
  • The banker

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