Will Ahsoka from Star Wars season 2?

Without yet releasing its first season, Disney suggests that it is already thinking about the continuation of Ahsoka by Lucasfilm

It is difficult to measure the success of a series which has yet to see the light of day, but it seems that Disney already has plans to expand, even more if possible, star wars universe. And it is that series of Lucasfilm, Ahsokacould have one second season in preparation the first is not yet published, which will be published in this one 2023.

As he has shared The directthe profit report corresponding to Disney’s first quarter in 2023 contains a list that classifies upcoming titles By the company. In some of them, the accompaniment of «season 1“, which means that will not be limited series at a time, as is the case with Secret Invasion, which is not indicated by any season.

What will be seen in Ahsoka?

However, Ahsoka’s streak indicates one season 1so Disney implies that there is another season coming or even that they are already working on the next one. If it is true that not much is known about the plot, sources close to the production have stated that series will act as a continuation from Star Wars Rebels, then some characters are displayed of the animated series as its main character, Ezra Bridger.

Ahsoka It will premiere sometime in 2023 via Disney+.

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