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Why isn’t Troy Baker playing Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us? Neil Druckmann answers

Neil Druckmann reveals why Pedro Pascal was chosen over Troy Baker to play Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us

Neil Druckmanwriter and director of The Last of Us, reveals why Peter Pascal was chosen to give life to Joel in the adaptation and not his voice actor in the video game, Troy Baker.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Druckmann explained Why Baker didn’t return as Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us. “The only thing about video games is that you don’t have to look the part,” Druckmann noted. “It is therefore Ashley Johnsonwhen she was 27 years old, she could play a 14-year-old girl [Ellie]. At the time, Troy Baker was a tall, skinny, bleached-haired hipster, but later, when he talked and moved, he became the role. That’s why we couldn’t cast the same people in those roles for the show, but they were instrumental in bringing those characters to life.”

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A trailer for The Last of Us revealed that Baker will appear in the adaptation, although there is no word yet on what his role will be. In addition, Baker presents with Craig Mazin and Druckmann a podcast by The last of us which acts as a supplement to each episode.

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