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Why isn’t Kimberly appearing in the 30th anniversary special?

The original Blue and Black Rangers will be the main characters in the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary special

The expected special of Power Rangers 30th Anniversary It already has a release date. April 19. The chapter is particularly important, not only because of the anniversary, but also because in it they must several classic actors from the series appear. Perhaps most strikingly, two of those returning are original Power Rangers, David Yost and Walter Emanuel Jones, Blue and Black Rangers respectively. Neither has appeared in any reunion chapters, so expectations are high.

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which is confirmed it will not appear will be Amy Jo Johnson, Kimberly, the Pink Ranger original. It wouldn’t be news if the actress hadn’t done it herself spoken about the subject…

For the record, I never said no… I just didn’t say yes to what they offered me. But there are other fun things to come. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends kick ass! 😘 #PowerRangers30

In addition to the original blue and black Power Rangers, we will also be able to see Steve Cárdenas, the 2nd Red RangerKaran Ashley, the 2nd yellow rangerJohnny Yong Bosch, the 2nd Black Ranger and Catherine Sutherland, that too 2. Pink Ranger. Remember, you can watch the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Special on Netflix.

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