What significance does Willow’s end have for Tir Asleen’s future?

Willow has left some things open for a possible season 2 of the Disney+ series

spoilers The House of EL

In the last episode of season 1 of Arrow we see that Elora Danan (Ellie Bamber) y Kit (Ruby Cruz) after discovering it Airk (Dempsey Bryk) is under the influence of Withered Witch Lili (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), they do everything they can to save him from his magic. Elora almost fell for the promises of happiness Wyrmbut Willow (Warwick Davis) he arrives to save her and her friends.

Willow’s season finale in addition to confirming that Graydon Hastur (Tony Revolori) survived, it also suggests will be Herald of the Wyrm. On the other hand, the end credits reveal that what has been shown so far is only the first chapter of a trilogy consisting of three volumes. It’s clear that our heroes still have many adventures to go as the Wyrm plots his revenge.


The last fight

The Witch’s plan was to seduce the heroes to the Wyrm’s side, but when Elora resists the Wyrm’s fantasy life, the Witch steps in to confront her. For his part, Graydon uses his sorcery to fight the witch on Elora’s behalf. Nevertheless, He is thrown into some kind of Wyrm ruled world and Graydon appears to be dead..

Elora and Willow manage to beat Lili, but everything is not that simple. Lili kisses Airk, transfers his power to him and makes him the Herald of the Wyrm. Kit fights him and eventually Airk returns to the light.

What’s next for Willow?

After the victory of the heroes, it is later revealed that Graydon is alive, and the fantasy that the Wyrm creates for itself is a battlefield. A short-haired version of Elora Danan tells Graydon that she “wants” him to be with her at the coming struggle to bring his light into the worldand an army of monsters is seen.

From what it turned out, Graydon would be possessed for the third time and if Willow returns for season 2, we may see Graydon as the main antagonist. It is not yet known if Willow will get more seasons, but the end of the first one gives us clues that this is the idea. The book that the viewers have read is closed and placed back on the shelf. The reveal is that only Volume I of a three volume series has been seen.. There are still chapters to explore in Volumes II and III.

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