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What if Disney+ made a pod racing series for the Star Wars franchise?

Star Wars needs a product that is outside of Star Wars continuity, a product of pure entertainment… and that can be achieved with a series of pod runs.

Star wars It remains one of the most popular franchises in the world, but its future on the big screen is not very clear. However, a TV series focusing on the dangerous and exciting sport of pod racing could be just what the franchise needs to breathe new life and reach new audiences.

Why might a series about pod racing work?

He Episode I of Star Wars It is usually remembered more for negative things than for positive things. In fact, the first film of the prequels was when one of the most hated characters of the saga was introduced for the first time, namely Jar Jar Binks. However, this film is also remembered for two amazing moments: The first would be the final scene of the fight between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan in front Darth Maul, who, unlike Jar Jar, is one of the most iconic characters. And the second of moments is the spectacular pod race with little Anakin defeating Sebulba thus freeing themselves from slavery.

The thing is, pod racing is an element of the franchise that hasn’t gotten much of a push since its introduction the phantom menace. And the fact is that it is a really interesting concept that George Lucas raised at the time, and it would be the perfect premise for a production of iconic races like those seen in Episode I.

Add to that the fact that it could take things away from the huge amalgamation of interconnected series that sometimes makes us loathe much-loved products and characters because we understand that it hasn’t been given the proper treatment , as it can be in the case of the series of Boba Fett u Obi Wan Kenobi, who have reclaimed them to evoke a feeling in the fans that has turned out to be the opposite of what they intended. And possibly this dangerous sporting event could breathe new life into the galactic franchise by creating a series that can completely separate from the Star Wars universe and we can enjoy it as a completely independent product.

The underutilized potential of pod racing in Star Wars

Pod racing is a dangerous sport in which participants compete in high-speed, custom retro-powered pods. As we mentioned, the podrace sequence in The Phantom Menace is one of the highlights of the film and many fans have been waiting for it to appear again in series or film.

However, pod racing has not been exploited in a meaningful way in the franchise ever since. Since that episode I, which we saw neither more nor less than in the year 1999, many years have also passed and in all this time special effectsso we could witness a visually very attractive series, in the purest Fast & Furious style.

The solution to breathe new life into the Star Wars franchise

A pod racing focused TV series might be just what the franchise needs right now. The success of Disney+ TV series, such as The Mandalorian y Andoris the reason why the franchise must continue to exploit the world of the TV series and not leave them behind, despite the fact that they must also pay attention to the projects of the new films.

Additionally, a number of these features could explore new alien characters on their journeys to become pod racing champions, with no Jedi, Sith or politicians present. Only pure fun and entertainment without preconditions. An intergalactic cup of sorts with a setting that takes place during a time when the sport has been banned, which would keep it contained on darker, more invisible planets in the outer rim.

Will a pod racing series be possible?

In short, a TV series with these characteristics could be just what the Star Wars franchise needs to revitalize itself and reach new audiences. How do you see it? Do you think it is possible for a number of these characteristics to occur on some occasion? Or will we at least get to see a podrace again in one of the future series or movies that will take place in the future? We read your opinions on our social networks.

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