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Westworld left a financial hole in HBO Max that almost made it rigid

A new report reveals the exorbitant cost the Westworld series brought to the platform’s coffers, even after its cancellation

When ‘Westworld’ was cancelled, many viewers though they smelled something, it was shocking news. But you can’t imagine how shocking its cancellation has been to the HBO Max box office. The platform was almost stiff from the checks and checks it had to sign to pay hundreds of invoices that raised the price of the series to a figure that was not affordable for HBO. The profitability of the series was not what was needed, and this led, among other things, to the sudden cancellation.

As reported by Deadline media, the series was very expensive to produce and only ran for four seasons, each of which had a minor impact on audiences. His disappearance was an open secret. What we didn’t imagine was the financial cost of producing it and canceling it. This adds to the rumor that the cast of ‘Westworld’ will assemble Season 5, not made, due to contractual and compensation issues.

This further supports the business report. A very expensive series that was not profitable enough.

Westworld - HBO Max

HBO still had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars after canceling Westworld

According to the media the amount would far exceed $100 million. A lot of dough for a canceled series. Costs skyrocketed and bills piled up even after the fateful decision to call it quits. The company announced the cancellation in November 2022, despite indications that season 5 was possible.


“Apparently, HBO still had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars when the decision to pull the series was made, as costs are amortized over time”

Source Deadline

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Following James Gunn’s announcement, HBO cancels another DC Universe series. HBO Max has canceled a show related to the world of Batman.

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Booster Gold, Waller and the Lanterns will be part of James Gunn’s 5 series for HBO in the new DCU. In addition, DC Studios, with James Gunn and Peter Safran, will create an animated series for their new DC Universe.

James Gunn - DCU - Booster Gold - Waller - Universo DC

HBO cancels Westworld, we’re running out of last season. The news of Westworld’s cancellation is a blow to all fans who have been waiting for the series to end.

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