Wednesday has lost its reign on Netflix, it is no longer the most watched series

Although it had an undefeated 6-week streak, Wednesday has dropped to 3rd place as the most watched series on Netflix

Wednesday has undoubtedly been one of them most requested series in 2022. In fact, it has been the most watched series on Netflix for 6 weeks in a row, even though this has come to an end. The funny thing is because of who has lost his reign was called a mother-daughter drama Ginny and Georgiaspecifically the premiere of its second season, passing series such as Kaleidoscopealthough this would be in 2nd position according to Varietywith more than 112 million hours of viewing.

Remember that a few days ago second season of Wednesday Through a video in which the actress, Jenna Ortega, thanked everyone who had followed her. Tim Burton will once again work magic with the Addams Family, although it remains to be seen if the formula for a 2nd season feels as fresh as the 1st or introduces some changes.

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