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Wednesday breaks a new streaming record with 5 billion minutes

The Netflix series, Wednesday, breaks the record for the Nielsen measurement system for two consecutive weeks

That ‘Wednesday’ is a mega hit comes as no surprise at this point in the film, or rather, at this point in the series. What no one could expect from this spin-off of ‘The Addams Family‘ is that it broke the highest data from the Nielsen measurement system for two consecutive weeks.

And what the hell is Nielsen?some will ask. Well, here we go: It’s a measurement platform promoted by the users themselves and by their own measurement technology. This technology lets them know what content is being streamed, what device is being used to stream it, and the app being used on the streaming source.

Hereby the streaming data is obtained and it makes it possible to count the transmission time of each content. In this way, it is possible to know the effect of each one, which is mainly measured to verify the importance and attractiveness of the content. Indispensable for streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or Disney+ to compare them with their own data.

Merlina is a resounding success worldwide for Netflix

This data has shown that during November 28 and December 4the series ‘Merlina’ has been reproduced together 5 billion minutes. There it is. Nielsen’s measurement system recorded this astonishing number. I repeat: overwhelming numbers. This data refers to its second week since its premiere. He has broken the record.

This is the second time the series has achieved such a feat. Since during its first five episodes aired, the series achieved the figure of 5.988 billion minutes. With this data, he established a new record for a first week of streaming content. Nothing seen so far. The measurement system had never measured such a record. It premiered in the middle of the week and in just five days it reached the first number.

Now you will wonder if there is any other series that has rivaled these results, Well, the series in question is ‘Stranger Things‘ who got a figure of 7.2 billion minutes during its first week full.

Source Variety

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