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We explain the best way to enjoy Kaleidoscope, the new Netflix sensation

Try this new guide to see Kaleidoscope without missing any details

The series everyone is talking about. ‘Kaleidoscope‘ is a new and surprising effort on the platform Netflix which gets a huge impact and a lot of praise from the viewers. But… What is this series? How does it look?

Is it an entertainment experiment? A new way to watch the series? It’s something new, no doubt. We’ve already explained how to watch the series in chronological order, and now we’ll explain the best way to watch it in our opinion.

In networks, lists appear to watch the series in a certain order, since each episode that forms it has a color title that is an inherent part of the series’ narrative scheme. Just like a real Kaleidoscopea device that mixes and matches colors to form new patterns, Netflix allowing your viewers to compose the order of the episodes as they like. So the possibilities are many.

These episodes can be viewed in an order not specified by their premiere and sequence. In fact, the originality of this product lies in the fact that you can watch the episodes in the order you want. But… there’s always a more advisable or logical way to do things, right? And watching this new series would not be less.

A Netflix proposal whose protagonists are actresses and actors of size Giancarlo Esposito, Roger Salas, Jay Courtney or the Spanish Fred Vega. Step up!

We could list many different ways to watch ‘Kaleidoscope’ until we get bored, something we don’t want, but we will focus on the one that we find more appropriate. Of course, this is not a dogma, and we insist:

Everyone can watch ‘Kaleidoscope’ in the order it comes out of… Well, let’s get to it.

The best way to watch Kaleidoscope without missing any detail of the series

An amalgamation of colors and episodes that results in a very interesting order to enjoy the series. Exactly:

  • Yellow
  • Violet
  • orange
  • Worldwide
  • Azul
  • Rojo
  • Pink
  • Blanco

Once the best order has been revealed, we ask ourselves… Want to take that as a reference?island what will your episode order be? Let us know on our Telegram channel.

To give you a more approximate idea of ​​each episode, this is the time period in which each one takes place:

the section’Yellow‘ passing by 6 weeks before from the last episode on our list which is ‘Target’ which is the heist itself. Second episode is ‘Violet‘ it moves us 24 years before of the robbery Next is the section’orange‘ whose time it passes is 3 weeks before from the last section of our list.

Worldwide‘ it develops 7 years before and it would be the fourth to be seen. The fifth is ‘Azul‘, is its time period 5 days before of the robbery The next episode was supposed to be ‘Rojo‘ which sets us in same morning of the robbery, to go to ‘Pink‘, which moves in time 6 months later of the robbery And as the last episode, the one we have already mentioned,Blanco‘, which takes place in him… let’s say he is the most immediate gift of the plot.

We hope you enjoy our special version of watching ‘Kaleidoscope‘ and that you like this new proposal as well as some of the members of our website. We will keep you informed!

Kaleidoscope - Netflix

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