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Warner Bros. want a Harry Potter series

The series about the Harry Potter universe may be much closer than we think. We tell you what series Warner intends to make on HBO Max

A TV series based on ‘Harry Potter’? Two reliable Bloomberg sources and related to the matter revealed that Warner Bros. Discovery is focused on making a TV series about the universe created by the author JK Rowling.

The company is finalizing a contract to produce a new series based on the popular teen and adult bestseller.

This entertainment giant has shown a remarkable interest in expanding the universe of one of the most successful literary series of all time. And although the author has given the green light to stagings and the creation of theme parks, she has so far been reluctant to approve the production of new films or TV series based on her work.

According to sources close to the project, Rowling will help create the series based on his literary work to ensure that it remains true to the essence of his books. However, the same sources stated that Rowling will not be the day-to-day director or lead creator of the series.

What will the Harry Potter series look like?

According to the same sources, each season of the series will focus on one of the seven books, meaning there will be years of new content based on this young wizard’s most popular stories.

Warner houses high expectations that this series will be a fundamental element of its brand new streaming strategy, which will be revealed in the coming days by the parent company, HBO.

To accomplish this ambitious task, both the company’s CEO, David Zaslav, and the head of HBO, Casey Bloys, have made tireless efforts to persuade the successful author to produce this series, although the agreement so far is at a dead end.

Warner Bros. Discovery has declined to comment.

Source Bloomberg

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