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Want a Season 5 of Rebels? Filoni believes that Ahsoka could be the heir

Is Ahsoka a Rebels spinoff? A sequel? Or another standalone Star Wars story?

There is less and less left to enjoy the saga series ‘star wars’, ‘Ahsoka’on Disney +, and taking into account everything that is known about it, fans have theorized that this new series could perfectly be a season 5 of ‘Rebels’. The animated series that captivated millions of fans and is so important to the latest canon of the saga.

In a recent interview on the podcast ‘Dagobah Dispatch’ from EW, the creator and director of the series, Dave Filoni, addressed this issue. A theory which has received many interactions indicating that the new series in live action is a kind of continuation due to the abundance of characters from the animated series that make their appearance in it.

In the progress shown, it has been possible to see Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Sabine Wren, Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Hera Syndulla and a brief glimpse of Eman Esfandi as Ezra Bridger. Besides Chopper.


“I think that’s one way to look at it, because of the epilogue I did on ‘Rebels.’ Definitely, all signs point to a sequel”

Ahsoka: Is this really Season 5 of Rebels?

But let’s not just stop at the appearance of these characters, the plot lines of the series will also be so dense that they will be, or rather, they will appear to be a continuation of the animated series.

Although Filoni cautions viewers and fans that it is not necessary to enjoy the new series to have seen Ahsoka’s debut on ‘The Clone Wars’.


“For me, when I’m telling those stories, I’m not just saying, ‘Oh, yeah, I did it as an animation, so I wanted to do it distinctly different in live action.’ It’s just the story, it is, and I told it in another medium.”

“Rebels is a different style than ‘Clone Wars.’ Even visually, it changed the way I could do certain things. The story has evolved since I worked on ‘Rebels.’ Working with Jon Favreau and setting things up’ The Mandalorian’ created an opportunity to see: How does Ahsoka work as a character in live action?”

Lars Mikkelsen, known for his role in ‘Rebels’, will reprise his portrayal of the villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn in the show. This character, who was mentioned by Ahsoka in season 2 of the ‘The Mandalorian’ and also appeared on the Imperial Shadow Council in season 3, will be brought to life again by the actor, but in live action.

Ahsoka - Star Wars - Rebels

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