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Vought International presents a new superhero from the spin-off of The Boys

Discover the possible release date of Gen V, the series that tells the dark side of Vought’s university superheroes

The popular Amazon Prime Video series, ‘The Boys’, is expanding with a new spin-off series called ‘Gen V’. This time, the story will focus on a group of young college-aged superheroes studying at Godolkin Universityowned by Vought Corporation.

According to the character poster golden boyinterpreted by Patrick Schwarzeneggerappears to be one of the most prominent members, and as the poster suggests, it appears that Vought is already using his likeness for promotional purposes.

With that name and look on the poster, it’s clear that it’s the image that represents the institution, much like Patriot does for Vought and the Seven in the original series. This campaign suggests that the company views it as another product of its control. The future replacement for Patriota?

Possible Gen V release window

According to the poster, the series could be released in autumn 2023. Because? Since the marketing campaign launched by the fictional university encourages beings with superpowers to enroll next fall and imagine themselves in it, it is highly likely that they also refer to the possible release date.

The series could be an excellent opportunity to discover how society corrupts young heroes and how Vought works internally. Although not much has been confirmed about the plot yet, the fact that some characters from ‘The Boys’ e.g. A train, Ashley Barrett y Soldiers boyseems to have already created great expectations.

We can expect the series to continue with the same dark and satirical tone of the original series while exploring new characters and situations.

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