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Visions Volume 2 moves away from anime and studios like Wallace and Gromit are targeted

Star Wars: Visions will also be Spanish, as a home studio will be responsible for a chapter titled Sith

Star Wars: Visions it was a really interesting experiment. A mini-anthology series where Japanese studios delved into the Star Wars universe and pretty much did whatever they wanted. without regard to canon nor some fundamental pillars of the franchise. IN official website just announced one second volume of Star Wars: Visions and the surprise has been huge when we found out that the studios in charge of the series will not be Japanese, the experiment with anime is over.

And what do we have? Well 9 studios from around the world like Aardmanthe creators of Wallace and Gromit. Another of the excellent studios is El Guiri Studios, based in Spain, which will create a map called “Sith”, impossible to be more interesting. Here we leave you with the complete list:

  • El Guiri (Spain) – Sith
  • Cartoon Saloon (Ireland) – Screecher’s Reach
  • Punk Robot (Chile) – In the stars
  • Aardmann (UK) – I am your mother
  • Studio Mir (South Korea) – The journey to the dark head
  • Studio La Cachette (France) – The Spy Dancer
  • 88 images (India) – The Bandits of Golak
  • D’art Shtajio (Japan) with Lucasfilm (USA) – The hole
  • Triggerfish (South Africa) – Aaus Song

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have a date for the premiere, and it couldn’t be anything other than that May 4th, Star Wars Day.

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