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Visions address the flexibility of the cannon

The executive producers of the animated series question the rigidity of the canon of the Star Wars franchise

More flexible than we fans think. That conclusion could hint at the path of the saga.

That’s why the ‘Star Wars’ franchise has taken a more flexible direction thanks to the new anime series ‘Visions’, according to its creators. The executive producers of the series, James Waugh, Jacqui Lopez and Josh Rimeshas stated that the cannon is more flexible than fans assume.

The producers have expressed interest in having each short in the series have its own canon and could have full spin-offs. Waugh added that the series is not connected to the continuity of the ‘Star Wars’ saga.

The influence of the Star Wars universe in all projects

And that, above all, they have not yet eliminated the appearance of the characters in the films, as is the case with the character Wegde Antilles.


“On some level of all of this, absolutely everything that is done in ‘Star Wars’ affects everyone else who works on the franchise”

The ‘Visions’ series is a new direction for the series and shows how flexible the franchise can be. The creators have opened up the possibility of new stories and a different approach to the saga, without losing the essence. With continuity projects underway, we can be pretty sure there will be more non-canon content in the future.

The future of the series

The saga continues with three films on the way. The first film, ‘Dawn of the Jedi’, is set in the formation of the Jedi Order in the franchise’s history. The other is an untitled crossover that will bring together three Disney+ series on the big screen, and will be directed by Jon Favreau y Dave Filoni. The third film is a production focusing on Rey and her role in rebuilding the Jedi Order after the events of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’.

But regardless of the logical continuity of the canon, the animated series that has reached its season 2 has shown that the franchise continues to evolve and that there are many stories to tell.

The flexibility of the canon allows creators to explore new directions and offer a new perspective on this universe. Do you agree with this trend and what they have said about the cannon?

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