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Two Halloween specials on the way? Marvel Studios wanted to go for more terror in the UCM

A new rumor ensures that Marvel Studios will continue to expand the terror in the UCM

According to the insider Daniel Richtman, Marvel Studios is developing two Halloween specials, although no further information has been revealed. In October, Werewolf by Night premiered Disney+which introduces Jack Russelland his companion man thing.

Before the new information, it had already been commented that Marvel Studios was working on more special presentations. Rumors indicated that two of these deals would focus on Nova and Silver Wake. However, Marvel has not confirmed anything related to said projects.

With respect for Werewolf By Nightthe manufacturer Brian Gay noted that the thesis provided an insight into a world of monsters within UCM. “That was the idea we wanted to establish, ‘Hey, everything you thought you knew, there was even a layer you didn’t know about,'” he added. “So we’d like to introduce Jack [Russell] y Elsa [Bloodstone] and all these other characters as part of a world that makes the MCU feel even bigger.”

gay also explained why it was decided to feature Jack Russell in a special instead of a movie: «It’s funny that sometimes things just come together. And that was just one of them. We always ask ourselves: where could we introduce Werewolf by Night? We love the character. What feels good? And of course movies, TV shows, series, series of different lengths, but Disney+ allows us to be very flexible with what we do.” Apparently, Marvel Studios has liked this new format and we could expect more specials in the following year.

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