Tomb Raider hits screens in style with Amazon Prime Video.

Prime Video, Tomb Raider

The streaming platform has already confirmed that they are working to create a Tomb Raider cinematic universe

Get ready to immerse yourself in an unprecedented television adventure! Amazon, known for its innovation in the streaming world, has now brought us a series that promises to be one of the biggest in video game adaptation history: the “Tomb Raider” TV series. This new foray into the “Tomb Raider” universe joins an exciting shared universe project with an announced film, expanding the franchise experience for fans.

Amazon has not only confirmed a “Tomb Raider” sequel, but also announced a major expansion of the Lara Croft universe. The series, along with the “Tomb Raider” reboot movie, will coexist in the same narrative schedule. This double bet by Amazon underscores its commitment to creating a richer and more integrated entertainment universe.

Prime Video, Tomb Raider

Details of history

Although there is no concrete release date, rumors suggest that the series may begin in 2025. Although it was announced at the beginning of 2023, the lack of significant updates indicates that the project is still in the development phase. However, this wait only adds to the fans’ enthusiasm and hope.

So far, Amazon continues to keep details under wraps. While it is certain that Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander, who previously played Lara Croft, will not be lined up to reprise the iconic role, speculation is rife as to who could take on the iconic archaeologist’s mantle.

Although concrete plot details have not been revealed, viewers can expect some fast-paced action. Known for her twin guns, Lara Croft is sure to face dangers beyond the traditional caves and traps of ancient tombs. In addition, the participation of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, known for her work in “Fleabag”, is expected to include a series of jokes.

Prime Video, Tomb RaiderPrime Video, Tomb Raider

Phoebe Waller-Bridge: The Creative Touch

In the year In 2023, the participation of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, star and creator of “Fleabag” was announced in the project. Their creative involvement has created excitement, promising a reinterpretation of “Tomb Raider” that is both dangerous and exciting. This fresh and bold approach is exactly what is needed to revitalize the franchise.

Since its launch in 1996 on the Sega Saturn and PlayStation, “Tomb Raider” has become a staple in the world of video games. Adventure archaeologist Lara Croft has become a cultural icon by exploring lost tombs and reviving ancient artifacts. This rich history will serve as the backdrop for the new series, which promises to take viewers to yet-to-be-explored corners of the “Tomb Raider” universe.

Expanding Lara Croft’s legacy.

The addition of Phoebe Waller-Bridge to the “Tomb Raider” universe is not only exciting news, but also indicative of the creative direction Amazon is taking with this series. Known for her ability to mix humor with poignant moments, Waller-Bridge is able to bring new depth to the character of Lara Croft, a symbol of strength and fortitude in popular culture. This new interpretation promises a unique combination of action, adventure and humor that have made Tomb Raider a world-famous name.

Tomb Raider - featuredTomb Raider - featured

Additionally, the idea of ​​a shared universe connecting the series to a new film creates interesting possibilities for the narrative. This strategy will not only increase consistency between different iterations of the franchise, but will also provide fans with a richer and more varied experience. Amazon is setting a new standard for video game-to-screen adaptation by expanding the world of “Tomb Raider” beyond previous video games and movies.

With these innovations and narrative additions, Amazon’s “Tomb Raider” TV series is set to be a significant and exciting addition to the long-running history of this beloved character.